Don’t Try to Park a Van in Heidelberg

Beautiful Heidelberg

Heidelberg. At last. I thought I had applied for a job here when I left Uni. Everyone told me how beautiful Heidelberg was and how much I would enjoy it. Turned out the job was in Hamburg – and thankfully, I didn’t get it anyway!

We drove in along the river Neckar. Although all public transport is dog friendly, we thought that it would be easier to drive into town…

We’ve found some parking & somewhere to cool off. Now where is that castle?

We drove around for an hour or so looking for a parking space. On the up side, it was very pretty. “There is a big ‘P’ marked on the map at the bus station, we could try that.” I suggested. Mark said not and programmed every parking place in the Sat Nav in order. All the surface, roadside parking was full and all the car parks are underground  – and you can’t get a 1.89m high van under a 1.8m car park barrier, even when you have taken the Stand Up Paddleboards off the roof for that very reason! We eventually found a parking space at the bus station. I let it pass. Well, almost. Like Basil Fawlty with the war, I might have mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it…!

I might have mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it…

We paid €9 for 3 hours to a bloke in a high vis jacket on a bike. “Do you think he’s official?” I asked Mark. I only asked because I once paid a couple of quid to a bloke in an official-looking peaked hat who was helping people to get parked in Temple Bar in Dublin. I was told later that he was anything but official – he just charged people to help them park and then, when he had collected enough money, he went for a couple of pints of Guinness!

We wandered around the Altstade. That means ‘Old Town’ – not high town, which would have been more like it after all the hills we walked up! There is a funicular if you want to save your legs.

The view over Heidelberg from the Castle.

The view was worth it, though. The Altstade is a beautiful city next to a river with a large sandstone castle keep. A bit like Carlisle.

Schloss Heidelberg dominates the city. The castle spans the centuries. Some of it was built in 1933! Some of it was struck by lightning and some of it was pinched for building the rest of Heidelberg

The pups appreciate a bit of culture at Heidelberg Castle…

Mark mocked me for taking a picture of the pups next to a picture of the Universe with Heidelberg pinpointed in the centre, but it is an ‘Homage’ to Max Planck, who has four Institutes here. He invented Quantum Leap, that famous 1980s Sci Fi program – and won the Nobel Prize for it.

Max Planck disagrees with Scotty on Star Trek who is famous for saying “Ye canna change the Laws of Physics.” Max Planck reckons “We have no right to assume that any physical laws exist, or if they have existed up until now, that they will continue to exist in a similar manner in the future.”

..and a bit of physics. We discovered that Max Planck disagrees fundamentally with Scotty from Star Trek regarding “Ye canna change the laws of Physics.”

Blimey. It is no wonder that no-one understands Quantum Theory. Not even lovely, lovely Professor Brian Cox. Not even Stephen Fry.

Anyway, after all that cogitation es ist Bier o Uhr. Beer O’clock – and we had 2 Weisbeer (a light and a dark one) for €3.90 each and €3.50 each for a panino right in the centre of Heidelberg. Not what you expect in Germany! Everyone loves the doggies. At the castle, it cost us €3.50  for a small bottle of water and 50 cents each to pee we got; “We don’t do tap water. Oh, for the dogs! Of course!”

Es ist Bier o Uhr. Beer O’clock!

We also had some cake balls; Heidelberger Kurfurstenkugel made from an original 1896 recipe. They were quite substantial! Mind. after all that sightseeing we did need some sustenance.

Even after Heidelberger Kurfurstenkugel, Mark could fit under this monumental arch in Heidelberg, unlike the one we nearly brought with us on the caravan from Sézanne!

Next time, join us for some unfeasible adventure caravanning, as Big Blue and Caravan Kismet go rafting on the River Neckar!

To catch up with our caravan adventures so far, see Continental Cavapoos, which will bring you up to date with the start of our second year touring. Fur Babies in France covers the hapless start to our caravanning career and our first year of finding our feet in France!



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