Krk to Enterprise – & Naughty, Naked Nudity! Island of Krk, Croatia.

The joy of being a windsurfer. Forecast; wind & no rain. Actual; No wind, rain & thunderstorms!

Krk here.

I was looking forward to my first windsurf in 3 months. It is nice to be reminded what it is to be a windsurfer; sitting in the van in the rain saying “it will get up soon!”

Forecast; 25kts NE; no rain.

Actual, 9kts SE; precipitation and thunderstorms! So once again, we are REAL WINDSURFERS! Not actually windsurfing… (for more on this, see my blog ‘How to Blag Your Way in Windsurfing’ which explains in full the fascination of this wonderful sport!)

P1080198 Skinny Dipping
Mark swims in the Adriatic wearing a smile!

When it cleared, we went for a walk. If you walk along the shore, there is no choice but to pass the nudist beach. After the rain, the floral scent of the forest was even more heady. We found a deserted little bay. I couldn’t afford to soak my last pair of shorts – yesterday’s shorts had not dried out after SUPing – so, since there was no-one around…

It was gorgeous. We played ball with the dogs and swam around in the beautiful, clear water. The Adriatic was a lot more balmy than our dips in the glacial Soča River

P1080243 Booby Baby
Our Ruby, Booby Baby.

It really was a day of naughty, naked nudiness. Walking back from our private, skinny dip, we passed the naturist beach, on which no dogs are allowed. We tend to call Ruby by her pet name – and we always praise good doggie behaviour. It was only as I was doing it that I realised that passing a naturist beach shouting “Booby. BOOBY! – here.” and “Good Puppies!” was probably not 100% appropriate!

“Booby. BOOBY. Here!” & “Good Puppies!” Not the sort of thing you should be shouting around a naturist beach!

We had been granted a stay of only two nights at our current campsite, so we scoped out an alternative; campsite Pila at Punat. I waited in the van. Mark came back and said “There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that it is not as nice as Krk” – but then, relaxed and rough around the edges is actually a good thing in our book. “And the good news – they have space!”

Krk to Enterprise; Star Date 11709.3

That was the nudity. So this is the Enterprise. Our move from Camping Krk to Camp Pila was our 2nd shortest journey ever – 4.75 miles! (The shortest was our first ever journey in caravan Kismet; 1.5 miles from the dealer to Salisbury C&CC Site!) However, this was one of the trickiest!

Camp Pila is near Punat, which is evidently the best windsurfing spot on Krk. The reason for this is that the NE Bora wind accelerates down the mountains on the mainland and then funnels through the gap between the islands.

Mark demonstrated how the Bora squeezes through tiny gaps as he tried to reverse Big Blue and Kismet into the most awkward space on the site – because it had the best views!

P1080205 - Copy.JPG
Mark emulates the Bora, squeezing through tiny gaps. While avoiding the tree to the left of shot, the large motorhome to the right of shot & the tent & pitch marker that you can’t see to the rear!

We had to bypass natural obstacles as well as a massive motorhome overhanging the entrance to the pitch on one side and the tent and pitch marker on the other! The entrance to the pitch was but millimetres wider than Kismet and there were two trees in the middle of the pitch, just to add to the interest!

We certainly couldn’t drive on to the pitch. “You have a motor mover, right?” That question again. “Er, no…” Luckily, the German family, whose view and satellite signal we were stealing were very helpful as muscle movers. They said that they had been here for two weeks and no-one had taken this spot. I wonder why?!

So we pushed Kismet into position and granted ourselves their fabulous view of the Adriatic!

Our neighbours helped us to steal their satellite signal & view!

More Enterprise

We built a dry stone wall, fashioned from a redundant pile of rocks, for Cavapoo Containment. We have tried to build a Rosie-Proof area so that the pups can run around outside. As regards the Rosie-proofing – well. Time will tell!

P1080219 Krk Enterprise
Krk Enterprise – the Rosie-Proof dry stone wall. Time will tell!

There is a dog beach but, although there was a sign to it just outside the gate here, it was MILES away! It is 500m beyond the end of the prom – and past another naturist beach! Although there were two naked people on the dog beach, we were overcome with modesty and we took our dip in public wearing our undies!

There was a fabulous sunset. Then, because we had not been enterprising enough to go shopping, we had to eat out. Fish and Chips Croatian style – fish platter for two (the freshest bass, gilthead, langoustine, squid and tuna) served with a sensational view of the sunset from Restaurant Buka. It must be our first meal out since we left the UK. It was a real treat, although gone are the days when my Mum used to say “You can’t get a £5 note between you two!” Now, the degree of separation between Mark and myself is always approximately four cavapoos!

A fabulous Adriatic sunset, enjoyed in Restaurant Buka with an excellent fish platter.

Although Camp Pila is a bit rough and ready compared to Camping Krk, we like it much more. We couldn’t fault Krk – it was 5*, but just not really our kind of place! It is really an all-inclusive resort – and even people who are camping dress up for dinner!!!! We never felt quite relaxed there, although the view over the bay to the town of Krk was sensational!

Pila has a laid back feel. For the first time since we started our travels, we feel like we are on holiday. The front resembled every seaside resort in the world, with a promenade and a host of little kiosk shops. We had a bakery next to us, which was open from 07:30 – 23:00, even on Sundays! There were lovely little beach bars and restaurants of the type that don’t mind English idiots turning up with four dogs!

And here, nobody dresses up for dinner…

IMG_1977 (2).JPG
Punat, full of places that don’t mind English idiots turning up for dinner & drinks with four dogs!

Next time, we are given directions by a man wearing nothing but sandals and a camera – and a Pun King throws down the gauntlet regarding Perfecting a Pun at Punat

Krk Out. 

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