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Caravan / Motorhome Sat Nav – Tom Tom GO Camper Review, Warts & All!

Tomtom_Go_Camper (2)If you are thinking of investing in a Caravan Satnav, here is my independent review of the Tom Tom GO Camper, which we purchased with our own money and have used in Europe for the last year.  Continue reading “Caravan / Motorhome Sat Nav – Tom Tom GO Camper Review, Warts & All!”

25 Ways to Improve Caravan or Motorhome Security At Home & Abroad

Krk, Croatia.JPG
The sun sets on another season for some of us, but make sure the start of your next season goes more smoothly than it did for us…

It’s that time of year when many of us are putting our beloved caravans and motorhomes to bed for the winter.

It is difficult to find reliable figures, but my research suggests that each year in the UK, between 1500 and 3000 caravans are stolen. Most sources suggest that, with the increasing popularity of the British ‘staycation’, theft of recreational vehicles is on the rise. Very few stolen caravans are recovered – so besides the upset and inconvenience, theft will have a very adverse impact on your insurance premiums.

Theft can happen at any time, but the majority of caravans and motorhomes are stolen from storage. Gangs are even using satellite mapping technology to identify valuable leisure vehicles on vulnerable driveways or storage sites. Continue reading “25 Ways to Improve Caravan or Motorhome Security At Home & Abroad”

10 Tips to Titivate Your Travel Journal

Interesting_travel_journal (2)
We got up and had breakfast. I had cereal. Then we…

What’s wrong with this?

“We got up and had breakfast. I had cereal with a coffee but Mark went off piste and had tea instead! I fed the dogs then we went for a walk. It was beautiful! We had sandwiches for lunch, went shopping then had dinner overlooking the beach. The sunset was beautiful. We love it here!!!!”

If you think it’s fine, you don’t need this blog.

If it makes you ask the following questions, read on;

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The Black Dog – Coping with Depression & A Midlife Crisis


Winston Churchill suffered from depression. He called it ‘The Black Dog’.

I want my blog to be uplifting, but I have also vowed to produce an honest narrative of our experience, rather than an “It was all sunshine and rainbows!” account. As such, although it is a tough admission to make, I have something that I want to bring to group; Continue reading “The Black Dog – Coping with Depression & A Midlife Crisis”

Zero Waste Caravanning – Save Money, Weight, Space & The Planet!

S1760005 (2).JPG
We replaced all this…
S1760010 (2)
…with this!

Caravanning is pretty eco-friendly anyway. For a start, we’re not flying anywhere for our hols and we’re living in a fairly self-sufficient bubble. But there’s always room for improvement!

The great thing about the tips that I am going to give you is that besides saving the planet, they will save you hundreds of pounds (hurrah!) – as well as space and weight, both of which are a major plus in the confines of a caravan.

In this blog, I am going to concentrate on reducing single-use plastic. The tips here are changes that you will barely notice – and they will also carry over to save you money and space at home too. All I am doing is replacing everyday products with more sustainable alternatives 

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The Impact of Long-Term Touring on Family & Friends

There is a whole world out there, so what’s stopping you? Often, it is the thought of leaving behind family & friends

How To Cope When Forced to Live by Your Own Rules

“It’s like a bereavement!”

This was my Mum’s reaction when I set off to backpack around Australia and New Zealand.

Many of those who ask us about our lifestyle say that they would like to retire early and travel full time as we do. However, one of the most common barriers that they cite is the issue of leaving behind family; grown-up children, grandchildren and elderly parents. Continue reading “The Impact of Long-Term Touring on Family & Friends”