The Impact of Long-Term Touring on Family & Friends

How To Cope When Forced to Live by Your Own Rules “It’s like a bereavement!” This was my Mum’s reaction when I set off to backpack around Australia and New Zealand. Many of those who ask us about our lifestyle say that they would like to retire early and travel full time as we do.Continue reading “The Impact of Long-Term Touring on Family & Friends”

12 Tips on Driving & Towing Safely in Romania

From what we heard, Romanian roads and Romanian drivers have similar, bloodthirsty cult status to that other Romanian Legend, Count Dracula! However, finding sensible information was not easy… Having spent three months towing a caravan around Romania, we can share our insights on coping with the rather singular driving challenges presented by this magical country,Continue reading “12 Tips on Driving & Towing Safely in Romania”

So. What Did We Learn?!

We Made the Mistakes so that You Don’t Have To! We had never owned a caravan before. However, we Accidentally bought a Caravan, gave up work and made the decision to live in it full-time and tour Europe… We went from First Timers to Full-Timers in a month – and it was a steep learning curve!Continue reading “So. What Did We Learn?!”

10 Tips to Save Money while Caravanning or Motorhoming

We are wiser today than we were yesterday… We bought our caravan by accident, so in the end, we had only a month to sort everything out… As newbie caravanners, our first year was a little hit-and-miss and we paid far too much for nearly everything! However, we are both thrifty and quick learners. Here,Continue reading “10 Tips to Save Money while Caravanning or Motorhoming”