Calais to Slovenia

In our second year touring, we got a little more ambitious and visited France, Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy!

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We didn’t quite go where no van has gone before, but we didn’t do too badly! (Map courtesy of Google and Scribblemaps)


  1. Welcome Home – Meet the Jobsworths! – how we model guests were evicted!
  2. Vacationing in Verwood – we model guests continue by putting our host in hospital…
  3. Too Much Cock? A Wiggle to Wellington – a double entendre; & it’s HUGE!
  4. A Slice of Lancashire Life – a doggy drama & a dental departure!


  1. Operation Overload – A Caravan Catastrophe! – Axl Rows & a delayed departure!
  2. Fandangles in France – High Drama on the High Seas! – an ‘Optimism’ of octogenarian windsurfers requires rescue!
  3. “Auray or Bust” – An Exercise in Combative Cycling for 80-Year Olds! – pedal with pensioners & see if you too can get into a fight!
  4. Break for the Border; 1st Stop – Radon, Normandy. – boys behaving badly & creepy crevettes convince us that there is a French word for ‘entrepreneur’!
  5. Break for the Border – NE France; Sézanne to Vilsberg – want to experience adrenaline? Drive a large caravan around Paris!


  1. Vilsberg to Heidelberg – Tales of the Unexpected in Germany – we cross the Rhine into a land of traffic jams, disregard of H&S and flexibility with rules!
  2. Don’t Try to Park a Van in Heidelberg – Planck and Scotty disagree on ‘Ye cannae change the laws of Physics.’ But Physics still dictates that you can’t park a van!
  3. Heidelberg – Uffenheim – Ferry Across the Neckar! – take your caravan rafting!
  4. A Fairytale of Rothenburg ob der Tauber – GOB – Get Onyer Bucketlist! 
  5. Dog on the Rhine – Bacharach;
    1. Ein Scheißtag, Campsite Sonnenstrand, Bacharach – a bad day that started badly, went badly – & then got worse!
    2. A Quick Way to Get Schlossed! wine walks, wine tastings & a rundtour!
    3. Ohhhhhhh-ning! – “I’ll have it back up in half an hour!” he said. I was not so sure…
  6. “Frankly my Dear…” – A DAM BIG SURPRISE at Edersee National Park
  7. “Dogs Off The Lead Vill Be Shot!” – Hainich National Park
  8. Pups on SUPs! Experiencing Nature & Discovering History in Saale-Unstrut
  9. The Colditz Story – you saw the film, played the game; now visit Oflag IV-C with us! 
  10. The Saxon Swiss National Park – GOB (Get Onyer Bucketlist!)
    1. Confessions of a Railway Addict – too much train – there IS such as thing!
    2. “Dogs Off The Lead Vill NOT be Shot! – a QUIET site & walk from Porchdorf.
    3. That’s Not The Way (to do it) – The Unconquered Fortress, The Home of Mr Punch & The Birth of Free Climbing.
    4. Social Shame, Storms & A Sitting! – sold out by my husband! 
    5. THE BIG WALK – Uttewalder Grund & Basteibrucke – a lost world – in more ways that one – as we take in the BEST sights in Saxon Switzerland.
    6. NAKED in the Polenztal – Our Last Walk in Saxon Switzerland
    7. Schmilka with Gurnot – A Lasting Memory of Saxon Switzerland

The Czech Republic

  1.  Czeching In to the Czech Republic – we head for Austria – but decide to turn left!
  2. South Bohemian Rhapsody – Český Krumlov – a medieval gem that should definitely be on your bucket list!


  1. There’s No Welcome in the Hillsides – Altausee, Austria. – how we got evicted from Austria!
  2. Camping Temel Altausee – A Musical Campsite Review – we wrote a song about it!


  1. Escape from Austria – to ‘The Most Beautiful River in the World’overtaken by a bicycle as we towed over the Predel Pass; one of the world’s ‘Dangerous Roads’!
  2. A Picturesque Pet Shop Run; Kranjska Gora, Triglav & The Vršič Passanother of the world’s Dangerous Roads. Even without a caravan, we still had trouble with a bike!
  3. Walks Into Our View – Soča River, Slovenia – two wrongs don’t make a right, but two rights do make a left… Lost again, heading up to a 1222m peak! 


  1. Krk Here, Star Date 11709.1 – we pitch up on the Island of Krk, Croatia at the end of the holiday-and-discount-dental-repair-season.
  2. Krk to Enterprise – & Naughty, Naked Nudity!inappropriate behaviour in the altogether!
  3. Can You Perfect a Pun at Punat? Island of Krk, Croatia – bad puns; its just how eye roll!


  1. On Garda! A Month in a Caravan at Torbole, Lake Garda – even getting there requires a caravan manoeuvring masterclass!
  2. The Best Anniversary Present EVER! Lake Garda – see how far Mark will go beyond the call of duty to declare his love…
  3. A Life Lesson Learned on a 3000ft Cliff – Via Ferrata Michielli Strobel – Mark & I go for a daunting dangle in the Dolomites!
  4. A Gad on Garda – ‘The Functional Walk’ along the Sarca River – we discover the secret behind Italian elegance!
  5. Gallivanting on Garda – A Few of the Fab Four’s Favourites! – Goethe & Galleons; a walk along a 4000-year old road.
  6. Zen and the Art of Caravan Maintenance – From Garda to Gressoney; we discover a fail safe approach to problem solving!
  7. Riots in Calais, Torrents on the Thames & The Long Drive Back to Long Pants – an uneventful journey home!

England Again

  1. Back in Britain; a Fidose of Reality – Part 1 – our home comings are never without incident – & this was the worst yet!
  2. Back in Britain; a Fidose of Reality – Part 2 – New Year, new start. But the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune were not done with us…!


Our 5 Minutes of Fame!

  1. World Wide Walkies ‘From Calais to Slovenia’ – featured by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle
  2. Dogs ‘n Dracula – Our Romance with Romania – featured by Dog Friendly Magazine