Continental Cavapoos; Year 2

6r6aoRHhD8 (1).png
We didn’t quite go where no van has gone before, but we didn’t do too badly! (Map courtesy of Google and Scribblemaps)

In our second year touring, we got a little more ambitious and visited France, Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy!


  1. Welcome Home – Meet the Jobsworths! – how we model guests were evicted!
  2. Vacationing in Verwood – we model guests continue by putting our host in hospital…
  3. Too Much Cock? A Wiggle to Wellington – a double entendre; & it’s HUGE!
  4. A Slice of Lancashire Life – a doggy drama & a dental departure!


  1. Operation Overload – A Caravan Catastrophe! – Axle Rows & a delayed departure!
  2. Fandangles in France – High Drama on the High Seas! – an Optimism of octogenarian windsurfers requiring rescue!
  3. “Auray or Bust” – An Exercise in Combative Cycling for 80-Year Olds! – pedal with pensioners & see if you can get into a fight!
  4. Break for the Border; 1st Stop – Radon, Normandy. – boys behaving badly & creepy crevettes convince us that there is a French word for ‘entrepreneur’!
  5. Break for the Border – NE France; Sézanne to Vilsberg – if you want to experience adrenaline, drive a large caravan around Paris…


  1. Vilsberg to Heidelberg – Tales of the Unexpected in Germany – we cross the Rhine into a land of traffic jams, disregard of H&S and flexibility with rules!
  2. Don’t Try to Park a Van in Heidelberg – Planck and Scotty disagree on ‘Ye cannae change the laws of Physics.’ But Physics dictates that you can’t park a van!
  3. Heidelberg – Uffenheim – Ferry Across the Neckar! – how to take your caravan rafting!