Skye is the Limit

Greetings from Eileann a’Cheo (bless you) – the Island of Mist

Vertical Limits; Cuillin Finger & The ‘Worst Case Scenario’ for a Banana Flambée!

“It’s not the mountain that wears you out, but the grain of sand in your shoe.”

Whoever wrote that had obviously never sailed bonny boat, like a bird on the wing, over the seas to Skye – and set foot on the 3000ft+ plutonic batholith known as the Black Cuillin.

Greetings from Eileann a’Cheo (bless you) – the Island of Mist, where I took Mark to experience the trials and tribulations that I had enjoyed previously in the Black Cuillin.

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Tuesday – Tines!

One of the Gorges des Tines

Gorgeous Gorges, The Marmite Mystification, plus Zen and the Art of Caravan Conservation

After our 6 hour and 1,474m epic up Marvel in Morillon on Monday, we felt beautifully beaten up – tired, but happy and in need of a good stretch…!

Since it was another dazzling day of full sun, we made plans. I said that I was quite happy to continue with my plan of lying down and admiring the mountains (we can see peaks through all the windows AND through the roof lights!) Mark then planned to make a coffee. We had planned on doing some jobs today; laundry and caravan maintenance but we soon got that off our ‘To Do’ list. We can reveal to you a totally failsafe way of tackling an over-long ‘To Do’ list. Simply don’t do any of it. Or even better, just cross everything off – then you don’t even have to feel guilty! Continue reading “Tuesday – Tines!”

Monday – Marvel, Morillon, Mutts & Mountains!


What an Awesome Mountain Day!


We parked at Morillon 1100 (also known as Les Esserts) and walked up one of my favourite pistes, the green run ‘Marvel’, which winds around the side of the mountain, affording spectacular views. It was a beautiful sunny day and delightful that much of the walk was in the shade. We met only people descending. This is because you can ascend the lazy way on the gondola from Samoens or the chairlift from Morillon… We felt slightly superior making the ascent ourselves, although a chairlift is not really an option with 4 pooches! Continue reading “Monday – Marvel, Morillon, Mutts & Mountains!”