Experiments on the Edge of Control

WOW! Did two fifty-somethings just overtake me?

“The fastest I’ve done is 128km per hour. That’s about 70mph!” “Really? That’s about the same as me!” claimed a youthful American accent, concurring with London. Both a little too loudly for the confines of a crowded gondola. “You need the right slope. One that is steep and then flattens off.” they added, for everyone’s benefit.

Such claims should not go unchallenged, but our eyes met and we kept our counsel. We didn’t really want to bother to engage or discuss the fact that with speeds like that, they should be in the Olympic team.

As we alighted from the gondola, Mark whispered in my ear “There was a strong smell in there.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “Of Bullsh…”  Continue reading “Experiments on the Edge of Control”

The Two-Mile High Club


It took 15 minutes for the ‘plane to circle and climb to 12,000ft, during which I became more and more nervous. I was the only first-timer and, although I fully trusted Max, to whom I was firmly strapped (in the doggy position) when they shouted “12,000ft. Doors OPEN!” I thought “You’re all MAD!” Continue reading “The Two-Mile High Club”

Tales from the Back Country. Team Kathy & the Indren Inversion.

10th Feb 7
The Indren Inversion. We looked down like gods from the top of the world.

Gressoney Back Country Ski Course with Snoworks – Day 5

The Indren Inversion. Sounds like something out of The Big Bang Theory!

The gods seemed to be against me this morning. We looked out of the window and saw – nothing! The mist was right down to the bottom of the mountain. Mark decided not to ski today. He was shattered and his back and neck were really painful from his rather heavy fall on Tuesday.

I think that the emotion of of leaving the pups for another full day also played a part. I can understand that. I felt exactly the same way! Continue reading “Tales from the Back Country. Team Kathy & the Indren Inversion.”