Break for the Border; 1st Stop – Radon, Normandy.

“We must thank the Lord for dogs!”

I walked the dogs before our departure and my little friend, who was having a wash at the drinking water tap, started on about the dogs. Last night he had asked my why on earth I had four and added “One dog is e-nuff. What about your ‘usband?!”

It seemed he was being a little tongue in cheek. “They are your friends?” he asked this morning. I told him that they gave me much love and joy. “We must thank the Lord for dogs!” he replied. Continue reading “Break for the Border; 1st Stop – Radon, Normandy.”

“Auray or Bust” – An Exercise in Combative Cycling for 80-Year Olds!

The port of St Goustin, Auray. We got there eventually. But could we get back…?!

A 14 mile cycle ride. We set off at 10am and arrived back just before 6pm!

8 hours, for much of which we were either lost or missing someone. We did the most technical bit of single track that I have ever ridden, which was interesting since at least half of the party were on electric shopping bikes. And we nearly got into a fight! Continue reading ““Auray or Bust” – An Exercise in Combative Cycling for 80-Year Olds!”

Fandangles in France – High Drama on the High Seas!

We seemed to have exported British rain to Brittany!

Last Wednesday, it was Britain’s hottest day since the heatwave of 1976. At 06:30, as we departed for the ferry, it rained. A lot. On the ferry it rained. A lot. And en route, a lot. We seemed to have exported British rain to Brittany, but at least it’s rain with roulade rather than rosbiff!

Kai had been unsettled by the journey and agreed to eat only when spoon fed. When we arrived, I took the pups for a long-awaited walk on the beach and through the forest. The scent of pine took me straight back – not just to our previous time here in Penthièvre (see our Postcard from Quiberon – Part 1 and Part 2.) It was as heady as the patchouli oil with which we used to douse ourselves when we all dressed as hippies in that heatwave of 1976! Continue reading “Fandangles in France – High Drama on the High Seas!”

Operation Overload – A Caravan Catastrophe!

06:00 in torrential rain. Our EVENTUAL departure for Normandy.

A Caravan Catastrophe, a Delayed Departure & some Emergency Extinguishing!

We were on the way out of the door because we had just received a phone call; “Your caravan is ready to collect from its service.”

The second phone call, ten minutes later, informed us “Your caravan is unfit to drive.”

The word ‘axle’ was mentioned, as were the words “it is your fault and not covered under warranty.”

That was the bad news. Along with “And so we are homeless!” of course! Continue reading “Operation Overload – A Caravan Catastrophe!”