Caravan Sat Nav – Snooper Ventura Pro 2700 Review – Warts & All!

P1070851 Vrsic Pass.JPG
The Snooper guides us over the Vršič Pass, Slovenia on a day trip in ‘Car’ mode. With 50 major hairpins, in ‘Caravan’ mode, Snooper would ensure that you didn’t go this way by mistake…!

We bought a Snooper Ventura caravan/motorhome-specific Sat Nav to guide us on our travels.

We have got rid of most of our possessions, but this is one of the last things that we would ever give up! Continue reading “Caravan Sat Nav – Snooper Ventura Pro 2700 Review – Warts & All!”

Driving with Dogs; 10 Tips for Happy Hounds


Our Continental Cavapoos are pretty seasoned travellers these days. We’ve had Fur Babies in France, Pups on Piste and Barked around Bohemia. One day last year, they traversed Austria, Italy and Slovenia in a single day!

In our chosen lifestyle, the journey is as much part of the experience as the arrival. We are, after all, on a road trip. But a vital ingredient to all happy travels is making sure that everyone’s experience is comfortable, safe and stress free.

Here are 10 essential tips that will help you to make sure that your adventures with your canine companions are safe, legal and enjoyable. Continue reading “Driving with Dogs; 10 Tips for Happy Hounds”

Home – and Briefly Back ‘In the Brick’!

Durango Outlaws cropped.jpg
We returned home as OUTLAWS!

Pecuniary Pandemonium; the Subconscious Rejection of a Conventional Lifestyle & STOPtober…

We arrived home to a harsh dose of reality. Having no income, we do our best to save the odd Euro here and there, but we came home to a Holy Trinity of pecuniary pandemonium;

  1. A speeding fine from just before we left, 3 months ago; now transmuted into a Court Summons because, being abroad, we had neither received nor responded to it;
  2. A fine for deducting our tax allowance from our tax return, when we should have left THAT to HMRC and;
  3. A fine for our vehicle tax running out. To be truthful, we had been naïve enough to think that we didn’t need to renew our UK tax while the van was out of the country…

We felt like Bonnie and Clyde – mindful that notorious criminal Al Capone was ultimately brought to justice on a charge of tax evasion.

Still, Mark cut his own hair with the dog scissors. That’s £15 saved! Continue reading “Home – and Briefly Back ‘In the Brick’!”