Post Covid Roadtrip

Big Blue & Caravan Kismet escape lockdown in Provence

We finally hit the road, after months in Italy under one of the most strict Coronavirus lockdowns in the world. Follow our grand tour here!


  1. Leaving Lockdown – A Bit of a Scrapeif we survive the near death experience in the first hour of a trip, the rest should be plain sailing…
  2. Hill Towns & Cloud Forests – Saluzzo & Pian Munè


A Week in Provence

  1. Towing the Gorges du Verdon – Our Most Challenging Drive… Ever!not quite ‘Where No Van Has Gone Before’ but it was interesting!
  2. Moustiers-Sainte-Marie & SUP in the Gorges du Verdonone of France’s favourite villages & up the creek with a paddle!
  3. Driving the Route des Crêtesvultures and voitures!
  4. The Lavender Fields of Valensole a sensory sensation!
  5. Verdon to Avignon: We Plan, The Gods Laugh…

The Ponts of Provence

  1. The Penny Pincher’s Guide to Pont du GardI can’t believe we nearly didn’t visit The Stone Giant – one of the best things I have ever seen!
  2. The Penny Pincher’s Guide to Orange & Avignonincluding going sous le pont d’Avignon! 


  1. I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Cluny – The City of the Horse, BourgogneTourist Information send us on a fools errand – twice!


  1. Of Mice & Men – Éguisheim
  2. Alternative Alsace: A Walk Through History on ‘The Mountain of Death’ – Hartmannswillerkopf
  3. Haut Koenigsberg Castle & Kaysersburg

Germany – Bavaria

  1. A Wet Wednesday in Würzburg
  2. Bitch Slapped by Bamberg

Czech Republic

  1. Sommerach to Karlovy Vary
  2. Czech Pont Charlie – Karlovy Vary & Loket
  3. Kokořín Castle & Kokořínsko National Park
  4. Pokličky & The Scary Secrets of Houska Castle
  5. Kokořín to Český ráj – ‘Bohemian Paradise’


  1. Journey to the Centre of Europe, Bolków
  2. Bolków & Złotoryja, Medieval Castles & The Oldest Town in Poland
  3. Gravestones, Gnomes & Złoty Pies, Wrocław
  4. The Unpronounceables – Bolków to Ojców
  5. Pieskowa Skała Castle & The Hercules Club, Ojców National Park