Big Blue – The Tow Vehicle

Big Blue poses in front of her namesake – ‘The Big Blue’!

What Breed is She?

Our tow vehicle (and toy box) Big Blue, is a 3.5t Hyundai iLoad panel van.

Why did we Choose Her?

We bought her as a 1-year-old ex-demo model with 100 miles on the clock and the remainder of her 5-year parts and labour- and 10-year anti-perforation warranties. As windsurfers intending to fill her full of seawater every weekend, we were particularly keen on the latter!

And – she cost the same as a VW Transporter with 90,000 miles on the clock…

What are the Breed Attributes?

She has a 2.5L turbo diesel engine and can carry 5.3 cubic metres of cargo with a payload up to 1100kg. She can tow 2300kg, which wasn’t important to us at the time…

She has a full-height steel bulkhead with a window, which prevents your load from joining you in the cab!

She came packed with nice-to-have features such as air conditioning (essential), central locking, electric windows & mirrors. Safety-wise, she has ABS braking and two front airbags.

Twin sliding doors make it easy to access the cargo space from either side and she has glazed, split rear doors.

Is She Well Behaved?

Based on the i800 people-carrier, she is rear wheel drive leaving the front wheels free to steer, so she is very manoeuvrable. With a turning circle of just 5.6m, she drives just like a car!

Is She Reliable?

Big Blue has been utterly reliable – I know that I am tempting fate, but I understand that the iLoad is one of the few vans on the market that has not been recalled for a fix!

Auto Express hails the iLoad as an ‘unsung hero’ – less well known as a brand but “with buyers reporting high levels of satisfaction.”

The only reported negative is that the iLoad comes in one configuration only. There is no such thing as a high-top or long-wheel-base iLoad. I can live with that!

But She’s Not a Vee Dub…

But do you know what? She is very pretty and gets lots of admiring glances!

A crime of Van-ity? Big Blue with pals in front of Brandon Mountain, County Kerry, Eire.

Big Blue naturally inspired me to poetry. Korea doesn’t have an indigenous style of poetry, so I diverted from my favourite poetic style (Limerick form) and opted for Japanese Haiku (17 syllables; 5-7-5 – no rhyme!)

Haiku is not easy, you know! Sir John Cooper Clarke sums it up;

To convey one’s mood
In seventeen syllables
Is very diffic…

Hyundai Haiku

Is Hyundai pride
(Sapphire blue like summer sky)
Crime of van-ity?

What shall we call this
Vehicular work of art?
“Van Gogh” (everywhere!)

Vanno means ‘they go’
In Italiano; so
Have van will travel!


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