Romanian Flag Day Special Offer!

The Romanian flag (Drapelul României) is flown across Romania every year on 26th June.

Flag Day symbolizes Romania’s independence. Romania’s national flag is a blue, yellow and red tricolor, with the colors arranged in vertical bands of equal size. The three colors symbolize the three Romanian provinces – Wallachia (yellow), Moldavia (red), and Transylvania (blue).

To celebrate Flag Day in my favourite country, my ebook Dogs ‘n’ Dracula: A Road Trip Through Romania‘ is reduced to 99p/99c for the next couple of days on Amazon UK and US. Click here to find it on your local Amazon store.

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Animal Health Certificates – What You Need To Know

With printable checklists

Don’t leave your best friend behind!

Since the Brexit transition period ended on 1st of January 2021, taking your pets abroad from the UK involves much more red tape. On 9th December 2020, The European Union announced that from 1st January 2021, Britain, except Northern Ireland, will have ‘Part 2’ listed status for pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) travelling to the EU.

What this Means

  • Your Current UK-issued EU Pet Passport is No Longer Valid – from 1st January 2021, existing Pet Passports issued in England, Wales and Scotland (pictured) are no longer valid for travel to the EU. (If you are already in the EU, the UK passport remains valid for the duration of your trip.)
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Find The Best Books –

As a lifelong bookworm and now an author, I am so chuffed to have been asked to combine my passions and participate in, an exciting new way to discover books online.

Each entry on the website is a list of the five best books on a topic, recommended and reviewed by experts in the field; i.e. authors with authority on that subject. Click here or on the image below to go to my contribution, on Getting to Know Romania And Her People, which I am qualified to make after spending three months touring Romania in a caravan with four (then five!) dogs.

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Checkpoint Bravo, Berlin & A Boar

If you go down in the woods today, you’re in for a BIG surprise…

Sitting in the sun, overlooking tranquil waters, I wondered why I felt so out of sorts.

Our plans are constantly up in the air. Usually, that’s a fun part of our nomad lifestyle; when it’s pursuing a recommendation here or a must-see there. Unfortunately, it’s been more about infection spikes here and quarantine imposed there. Sadly, travelling in a pandemic, keeping abreast of the news has become a necessary evil.

Yesterday, we’d chased across almost the full width of Poland, from Lublin to Poznań, because we felt the need to get closer to home, just in case the borders closed. We had been looking forward to some windsurfing in Brittany, to make up for missing out on Poland’s north coast, but with coronavirus case numbers rising in France, that was not a given. In coronavirus times, uncertainty is the new certainty.

However, there is a positive side to being forced to watch the news. Had we not, we would have missed the cheeringly insane video of a middle-aged Berlin naturist giving chase to a wild boar, which had snatched his laptop.  

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