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5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Travel Journal

Flying with the British Aerobatics Champion. “What have you been up to lately?” Until I started keeping a journal, I would have replied “Nothing much.”

“What have you been up to lately?”

“Er, nothing much.”

Then I remembered that, in the last few weeks, I had joined an adventure group called Spice UK, which encourages you to ‘Live Your Dream’. “Nothing much” had included playing polo on a horse, flying with the British Aerobatic Champion and learning how to fire-eat.

There was a small advert in the Spice magazine for a log book in which I could record my experiences. I bought one immediately. That was in 1994.

25-years on, following a brutal downsize to caravan nomad, my two Spice log books are my most treasured possessions. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Travel Journal”

The Black Dog – Coping with Depression & A Midlife Crisis


Winston Churchill suffered from depression. He called it ‘The Black Dog’.

I want my blog to be uplifting, but I have also vowed to produce an honest narrative of our experience, rather than an “It was all sunshine and rainbows!” account. As such, although it is a tough admission to make, I have something that I want to bring to group; Continue reading “The Black Dog – Coping with Depression & A Midlife Crisis”

The Impact of Long-Term Touring on Family & Friends

There is a whole world out there, so what’s stopping you? Often, it is the thought of leaving behind family & friends

How To Cope When Forced to Live by Your Own Rules

“It’s like a bereavement!”

This was my Mum’s reaction when I set off to backpack around Australia and New Zealand.

Many of those who ask us about our lifestyle say that they would like to retire early and travel full time as we do. However, one of the most common barriers that they cite is the issue of leaving behind family; grown-up children, grandchildren and elderly parents. Continue reading “The Impact of Long-Term Touring on Family & Friends”

Are Cavapoos ‘The Perfect Dog’?

S1350290 - Copy
Four Cavapoos; Four Personalities

We are often asked about The Fab Four. These are the most common questions;

  1. What breed are they? Cavapoos – a cross between a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  2. Are they related? No – they are all the same breed and the same age, but they are not related. We have been told that sometimes, siblings can bond with each other more than they bond with you.
  3. Why is Rosie bigger? Kai, Ruby and Lani are crossed with Toy Poodles; Rosie is crossed with a miniature poodle.

We chose the Cavapoo as a breed because it suited us in many ways, however, I would always be wary of an attempt to label any dog as ‘The Perfect Dog’. There is no such thing. When choosing a dog, you must find a particular dog or breed that suits YOUR lifestyle.

And remember. Although our four are all the same cross; all the same age – they have four completely different personalities. Kai is shy and understated; ‘Princess’ Ruby is fussy and highly strung; Rosie loves EVERYTHIIIING and Lani – she is a Mini Minx… Continue reading “Are Cavapoos ‘The Perfect Dog’?”