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Here you will find posts about my No. 1 Travel Tip – keeping a journal, and how to turn that into a self-published book if that is your wish. I have included interviews with other authors, so that you can examine their journeys to publication.

I am delighted to have been invited as a regular contributor to author Marcia Meara’s The Write Stuff blog with my #Writer’sTravelogueSeries.


An exploration of writing through travel – or vice versa, for author Marcia Meara’s The Write Stuff blog.

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Travel Journal

“What have you been up to lately?” “Er, nothing much.” Then I remembered that, in the last few weeks, I had joined an adventure group called Spice UK, which encourages you to ‘Live Your Dream’. “Nothing much” had included playing polo on a horse, flying…

10 Tips to Titivate Your Travel Journal

What’s wrong with this? “We got up and had breakfast. I had cereal with a coffee but Mark went off piste and had tea instead! I fed the dogs then we went for a walk. It was beautiful! We had sandwiches for lunch, went shopping…

Interviews with Other Travel Writers

Meet Adrian Sturrock, the man who wrote the two funniest road trip memoirs I’ve ever read!

How To Live Your Dream – Adrian Sturrock

“Never compromise your ambitions. Aim big – if there’s somebody out there doing it, it’s do-able” Adrian Sturrock This week, I’ve got a very special treat for you! One of the reasons I started my blog is because so many people asked, “How did you and Mark retire early to follow your dreams?” I hope…

On Writing & Publishing – Adrian Sturrock

Last week, we met Adrian Sturrock, the man who wrote one of the funniest road trip memoirs I have ever read! According to his bio, Adrian Sturrock is a writer, occasional musician, teacher, and ethnic minority (except, he claims, when in Wales). Adrian recently quit his job to follow his dreams, and last week, I asked…

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