The Beast – A Volvo N10 Truck

The Beast

On Friday 13th December 2019, Boris Johnson swept into Downing Street with a decisive majority, crushing all hope of a second referendum or soft Brexit. It heralded the end of Freedom of Movement for U.K. citizens in the whole of the E.U. Schengen Visa Free Zone. The 90/180 rule would seriously limit our ability to travel for extended periods within Europe.

“I’ve had enough of Britain. Let’s go to Mongolia!” I said to Mark.

I wasn’t joking.

On Monday 13th January 2020, the day after Mark’s birthday, we put down a deposit on The Beast. It was a shame that Sterling had dropped so much as we enter our new golden era of British Introversion Independence, otherwise it would have been a much sweeter deal.

The Beast is a Volvo N10, 6 x 4-wheel-drive, ex-army truck. Click here for her full specification.

We intend to convert her into our new home, ready for our travels outside the E.U. and Schengen in 2021.

Before even collecting her in March 2020, our journey has been eventful. Follow our progress as we work out how to get an unregistered Belgian truck, bought in The Netherlands back home to the U.K. when we’re in Italy and Mark’s L.G.V licence expired in September 2019 because, “We won’t be needing that!”

Blogs About The Beast

A. The Purchase

  1. Our Brexit Busting Planthe decision to buy an expedition truck
  2. Carbon Footprints & The Beast we get all self-righteous & justify our choice of gas-guzzling conveyance. 
  3. The Birth of The Beast – How To Source & Spec. an Overland Truck
  4. Squaring The Circle – How To Import an Unregistered Belgian Truck from Holland into the U.K. – when you’re in Italy & your LGV licence has expired. There were a few hoops to jump through…!
  5. Collecting The Beast, Our New Expedition Truck: Part 1 – Staffal to Rotterdamchange at Paris for Rotterdam. It should have been so straightforward…
  6. Collecting the Beast, Our New Expedition Truck: Part 2 – Rotterdam to Bournemouthwould our 30-year old army truck start & be roadworthy? That was the least of our problems! 

B. The Conversion

  1. Building The Beast: Expedition Truck Conversion Stage 1 – Insulation

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