Never Mind The Balkans Tour Part 1: From B to A (Britain to Albania)

We bought The Beast to escape Brexit and travel to Mongolia. Since that trip requires us to drive through Russia, which had just started its ‘Special Operation’ (war) in Ukraine, we opted for a Plan B… The Balkans, which is conveniently outside Schengen to facilitate our 90-day Shengen Shuffle.

Saturnia – Under The Tuscan Sun

“Mark. Are you listening?” I asked. I was admiring Peter’s wagon, particularly the epithet ‘Travel Endangers Prejudices’, which he had emblazoned on the back. Peter, Beata, and Alex had just come from Albania.

Mobster Moggies & The Origin of Pizza, Gaeta, Italy

Since we were approaching the Phlegraean fields – the second largest volcano in the world, which lurks just west of Naples – I was not surprised when we experienced a major eruption. What was unusual was the location of the epicentre; a truck in a campsite in Gaeta, a small seaside resort to the north.

To catch up with the rest of our trip, slip over to the A to B (Albania to Bosnia-Herzegovina) page!

A taste of things to come a little later in our trip…

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