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We’re not sage old-timers, but we’ve learnt some stuff!

Below, you will find practical tips and advice from our own experience of caravanning, with many useful links embedded within each blog.

We have been caravanning for only a few years and do not claim to be experts. We are UK based, so some aspects (such as legal requirements etc) will be UK specific. There is also no substitute for professional advice in certain areas. (Please see my Disclaimer.)

We simply aim to highlight some of the issues that we have faced, how we approached them and what we learned.

Caravan Paraphernalia

  1. Toilets: Toilet Training – how to avoid a Kamikaze Chemi-Khazi & other useful advice. 
  2. Electrics: Reverse Polarity & Issues of Electrical Safety in a Caravan. – “electricity is just organised lightning” which is why you should be careful with it.
  3. Gas: Safefill Refillable Gas Bottle Review – save money & never run out of gas again.
  4. Caravan Sat Nav: Snooper Ventura Pro 2700 Review! – never get lost again. Maybe!


  1. Towing Safely & Legally  the art of pulling!
  2. To Tow or Not to Tow? – Is it Safe to Tow in High Winds? – make sure you live to tow another day…
  3. 12 Tips on Driving Safely in Romania – want to tow the Transfăgărășan – ‘the best road in the world’? Here are our tips from 3 months with a caravan in Romania.

Lifestyle & Touring Full-Time

  1. Practicalities
    1. From First-Timers to Full-Timers in Two Bottles of Champagne the practicalities of going full-time in your caravan or motorhome. 
    2. Tips for Planning the Perfect Trip – “So much world. So little time…” tips, tools & inspiration to help you make the most of limited touring time.
    3. So. What Did We Learn?! – “We Made the Mistakes so that You Don’t Have To!” Lessons from our first year on the road.
    4. Coping in a Heatwave in your Camper or Motorhome – great advice from the folks at ‘Our Tour’ about surviving the heat (their tips work just as well in a caravan!)
    5. 25 Important Travel Safety Tips– from Matt at the Expert Vagabond. 
  2. Recording Your Travels
    1. 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Travel Journal – My No 1 Travel Tip.
    2. 10 Tips to Titivate Your Travel Journal
    3. A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing a Book & Selling it on Amazon – if you have ever dreamed of getting into print, read on. It is now easier than ever. 
  3.  Family & Friends
    1. The Perils of Proximity – coping with the joy of togetherness – 24/7/365!
    2. The Impact of Long-Term Touring on Family & Friends what about those that you leave behind? A few solutions to doing the right thing for both you & your family.
    3. The Black Dog – Coping with Depression & A Midlife Crisis– the positive side of depression.
  4. The ‘B’ Word
    1. Brexit – The Death of the Year Long Motorhome Tour of Europe? – the guys at Our Tour explore the potential impacts of Brexit on European Touring. 
    2. Pet Travel Post Brexit what tests, paperwork & costs you will incur depending on how the UK leaves the EU.  
    3. Brexit Blues – How Brexit Will Affect European Travel – everything you need to know about your rights to travel, driving permits, healthcare & roaming charges. 

Money Saving

  1. 10 Tips to Save Money while Caravanning – how we saved £1,000’s in our 2nd year!
  2. Zero Waste Caravanning – Save Money, Weight, Space & The Planet!– tips which apply at home as well as on wheels.
  3. The Question that No-One Dares Ask – “What Does It Cost You to Tour Full Time?!”– It might be less than you think. This is our annual budget.
  4. 24 Months Costs To Travel by Motorhome – ‘Travel, Cook, Eat’ give you the low down on their tour costs. 


  1. Bailey ALKO Axle Problem have you suffered the dreaded axle collapse? Here is how we approached Bailey, who eventually replaced the axle free of charge. 
  2. Winterising your Caravan  – getting your caravan ready for winter storage.


  1. Caravan Christmas List! your caravan Christmas Alphabet!
  2. 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep A Travel Journal – My No 1 Travel Tip – a journal also makes a great gift.


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