The Knowledge – Caravan Tips

Below, you will find practical tips and advice from our own experience of caravanning, with many useful links embedded within each blog.

We have been caravanning for only a short time and stress that we are not experts. We are UK based so some aspects (such as legal requirements etc) will be UK specific. There is also no substitute for professional advice in certain areas.

We simply aim to highlight some of the issues that we have faced and how we approached them.


  1. The Perils of Proximity – coping with the joy of togetherness – 24/7/365!
  2. Toilet Training how to avoid a Kamikaze Chemi-Khazi & other useful advice! 
  3. Towing Safely & Legally  the art of proper pulling!
  4. Winterising your Caravan  – getting your caravan ready for winter storage.
  5. To Tow or Not to Tow? – Is it Safe to Tow in High Winds? – make sure you live to tow another day…
  6. Caravan Christmas List! – your caravan Christmas Alphabet!