Travel Essentials

Here, you will find posts relating to essential items you need for your travels, starting with the new European travel requirements introduced in September 2021.

Driving Essentials

European Road Trip Essentials

Since the end of the Brexit Transition Period, there have been a lot of changes in travel between the UK and Europe. In this post, I will look at what you need to stay legal on Europe’s roads. 1. UK Sticker Required from 28th September

Travel With Dogs

Packing List for Travel With Dogs

This post has been produced in partnership with dog behaviourist Nicky Crowe of Chilled Out Dogs, who is happy to offer online courses, advice and consultations. Includes FREE printable packing list.

21 Best Gifts for the Travelling Dog UPDATED FOR 2022

The Fab Four have been on the road since they were a year old, so they have some excellent recommendations to share for essentials to accompany their fellow travelling hounds. Our travels have also opened our eyes to the plight of our four-legged brothers and sisters both at home and abroad, so we have also…

10 Best Doggie Coats for Every Situation UPDATED FOR 2022

We have wasted a fortune buying the wrong doggie coats! In the first of my December gift guides, I am going to preview 10 of the best doggie coats. A number of these are The Fab Four’s favourites and I can heartily recommend them, since they have been very well tried and tested on our…

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