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Have you ever thought of giving up work & heading off into the sunset with surf boards on your roof?
If the answer is ‘Yes’ – or you just like dogs, caravans or travel, these books are for you.

“Laugh out loud funny & a great travel guide”

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The true story of a couple who accidentally bought a caravan – then decided to give up work, rent out the house & tour Europe full-time with their four dogs.

“An inspirational travelogue”

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Amazon no. 1 bestseller in German travel

This time, Jackie, Mark & The Fab Four get a bit more adventurous and cross France and Germany, before touring The Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

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Armchair Travel Delight

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finalist – romania insider awards
Chill with a book premier readers award

The Fab Four become The Famous Five as the team adopt a Romanian street dog, explore Europe’s largest wilderness & tow across the Carpathian Mountains on one of the world’s most dangerous roads.

The mix of fun, humour, travel exploits and anecdotes is lovely. A great romp through (Jackie’s) world, and very entertaining

Alyson sheldrake
artist & author

Five years after giving up work to travel full time, Jackie and Mark race against time to leave the UK before Britain exits the EU. If Brexit happens, their four precious pups may lose their pet passports and will be unable to travel.

But Brexit isn’t their only obstacle. A few months into their trip, the pandemic leaves them trapped in the epicentre of Europe’s No.1 coronavirus hotspot…

“A really fun & interesting book”

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The crew spend three months in the legendary off-piste paradise of Monte Rosa, where they get lost, stranded & are told by an instructor, ‘Don’t miss the turn or you’ll go over a cliff…’

– Anthologies –

I am delighted to have been asked to contribute chapters to several anthologies, alongside established New York Times bestselling and other award-winning authors.

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You should write a book!’ they said. So I did – in fact I have written five…
In my first year, I was delighted to receive a letter from Prince Charles, an invite to Bucharest to collect an award, multiple Five Star reviews and an Amazon No. 1 Bestseller.
I also found out that, for a short time at least, Fur Babies in France outsold Bill Bryson.
What a year!

Jacqueline lambert
Fur Babies in France, No. 1 in Amazon Hot New Releases, outsold Bill Bryson (for a short time, at least!)
Best Seller!

– Book Birthday –

In my first year, I published three books and had number four in the pipeline. They all received 5* reviews. Book 2 was an Amazon Bestseller and Book 3 netted me an invite to an award ceremony in Bucharest. Prince Charles and the British Ambassador to Romania now own a copy.

Subsequently, I ound out that, for a short time at least, my first book, Fur Babies in France outsold Bill Bryson.

About the Author

Jackie & Mark with The Fab Four

Jackie Lambert wrote her first travel memoir aged 14 about a horseback tour of the UK’s Lake District. It came 2nd in a national competition, open to all ages.

Since then, she has enjoyed intrepid adventures on six of the seven continents. After giving up work to travel full time, she set up her blog to share her experiences & show that, if you make brave decisions, it is possible to live the life you want.

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