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Of all the dog-centric caravan travelling blogs I follow, this one is by far the best. Luke

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Ruby, Lani, Rosie & Kai in Caravan Kismet.


Welcome to my blog about our travels BC (Before Canines) and AD (After Dogs) – with a bit of practical advice thrown in.

We like to get off the beaten track, into nature and stay well away from the crowds. And in Romania, we definitely went where no van has gone before!

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A UK spring in the bluebells at Verwood!


1. Latest Posts 

Our current adventures.

2. My Books

Our previous adventures immortalised in print.

3. About Us

Who we are, why we did it and The Most Dangerous Risk of All.

4. Trips

Our travel posts A.D. (After Dog) arranged into some semblance of order.

Livin’ the Dream is not all plain sailing. When Caravanning Goes BAD ia little round up of some of our worst experiences..! 

5. Bucket List

Our travels around the world B.C. (Before Canines.)

From Walking with Wolves to a Honeymoon with venomous vipers; some of our adrenaline-fuelled adventures from the days before The Fab Four!

6. Ski & Surf

Pups on Piste, and a board housewife with Pups on SUPs!.

7. Expedition Truck

Click here to go to the Expedition Truck page for more details on our Brexit Busting plan to drive to Mongolia in The Beast, a Volvo N10 truck. It includes how we specified, bought and converted her.

7. Top Tips

From doggie travel tips to how to retire early to live the dream, it’s all here, along with Product Reviews, Gifts and Guides to campsites, areas and countries.

8. Policies

All the Official Stuff; Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Affiliate Disclosure & Copyright Notice.


Bark at us! We love to hear from you.

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Pups on SUPs in Slovenia – with their new friend Oscar the Cavalier.

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