Argenton sur Creuse – A Hold Up with a Hairpin!

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Argenton sur Creuse – ‘The Venice of the Berry’

How to Maintain a Successful Relationship when you Drive Each Other Round the Bend. 

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Walking with Wolves


Canis Lupus, the wolf – almost as misunderstood as sharks!

Our wild weekend this time was Walking with Wolves.  In deepest, darkest Berkshire. Not usually the sort of place you anticipate hearing the eerie howls of Canis Lupus, baying lustily to the moon before setting out in a throat-tearing pack to dismember unsuspecting victims.

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Winterising your Caravan 

Winterising your Caravan 

Thank you for sharing this! Getting ready for winter has always been a bit of a mystery to us. We haphazardly succeeded last year but it is very helpful to have a road map! We bought a large bag of Silica Gel cat litter (about £1.50 in Home Bargains) and put it in disposable plastic food trays around the caravan (no lids on). These make very economical and effective damp traps. We also put some Kitty Litter in pop socks and hung them in the wardrobes to help keep everything dry.

The dark nights are drawing in, the clocks have gone back and the temperature has dropped. Site wardens all over the UK are leaf blowing and hanging up their keys for the season. This can only mean one thing. Lots of people will be putting their caravans into storage until next spring. This is something we’ve never done.

I hate the thought of winter and putting the caravan to bed. We use ours all year round normally so this isn’t so much of a problem to us. This year, however, we have a few weeks were the ‘van isn’t going to be used over the winter months. So we decided to share with you one or two little things that we did to ‘bed ours down’, albeit for just a little while. Please be aware that these aren’t hard and fast guidelines, simply just what we did to close ours…

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