“Of all the dog-centric caravan travelling blogs I follow, this one is by far the best.” Luke

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Ruby, Lani, Rosie & Kai in Caravan Kismet.

Welcome to World Wide Walkies!

Welcome to my blog about our travels BC (Before Canines) and AD (After Dogs) – with a bit of practical advice thrown in.

Although I wouldn’t say that we go where no van has gone before, we like to get off the beaten track, into nature and well away from the crowds.

Give it a read and if you are a blogger – PLEASE tell me about your blog!

And if you are one of the wonderful people who follow my blog, THANK YOU! Your support and encouragement means everything.

A UK spring in the bluebells at Verwood!

In Praise of World Wide Walkies

Brilliantly written and never fails to make me laugh! Photos of the doggies are cuteness overload! Helen 

“I’m loving your blogs Jackie, so well written and amusing. In addition, for many people, the information about travel with pets, pursuing Bailey caravans for the shortfalls of their products and how to remove snow balls from the belly of a dog, is invaluable.” Elaine 

You have absolutely got to write a book…. I have never met anyone who writes like you . Even your blog about toilets was a joy to read. Nicola

Jackie makes it hilarious; the dogs are just gorgeous; photos are amazing. Love these guys and the fact they have dared to be different. The pups have certainly experienced so much more than any other dog I know for sure, only wish they could talk 😂or have their own blog. Love and luck to you all. Julie 


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Pups on Piste in Monte Rosa, Italy

Travel & Adventure

  1. Caravanning; AD (After Dogs) – The Voyages of Caravan Kismet – from our first thought of buying a caravan to the adventures that we have enjoyed with her.
  2. Adrenaline; BC (Before Canines)  from Walking with Wolves to a Honeymoon with venomous vipers; some of our adventures from the days before The Fab Four!
  3. Windsurf – interviews with World Champs, Ladies who Launch, How to Blag Your Way in Windsurfing and – my first ever windsurf race…!
  4. Ski – parables from On Piste – and Off!
  5. Why? The Most Dangerous Risk of All…

Top Tips

  1. The Wuff Guide to Travelling with Dogs practical advice, from Pet Passports, Pups on Piste & Travelling Safely with Dogs (including avoiding killer caterpillars!) 
  2. The Knowledge – we made the mistakes so you don’t have to! From planning the perfect trip to surviving each other’s company; with towing, electricity & toilets thrown in!
  3. What Worked for Us! – how we managed to retire early & Live the Dream.
  4. 30s Site Reviews & Things to Do – a quick look at things to do, both dog-friendly & for the human crew with a focus on the slightly less mainstream!
  5. Product Reviews –  honest reviews of products that I have bought, used and abused.

About Us

  1. The Dogs’ Biogs – meet The Travelling Cavapoos; Kai, Rosie, Ruby & Lani!
  2. The Caravan Keepers meet Jackie & Mark; or ‘That couple with four dogs.’
  3. Caravan Kismet – meet our caravan; a Bailey Unicorn Vigo.
  4. Big Blue – meet our tow vehicle; a Hyundai iLoad panel van, or ‘Toy Box’!


  1. Privacy The Official Stuff; Privacy Policy, Disclaimer & Copyright Notice.
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Pups on SUPs in Slovenia – with their new friend Oscar the Cavalier.

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