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Welcome to my blog about how we gave up our jobs to tour Europe full-time with four dogs, first in a caravan; now in a self-converted 6-wheel ex-army truck!

Designed to entertain & inform, you will find our travels BC (Before Canines) and AD (After Dogs) – with a bit of practical advice thrown in.

“To Boldly Go Where No Van Has Gone Before”

Jackie & mark lambert

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Introducing The Beast – Our Overland Truck

This is The Beast, the Volvo N10 truck we converted into our new home during lockdown. For more details of how we sourced and specified her, see the The Beast – A Volvo N10 Truck page. Our latest Truckin’ Adventures are all on the Truckin’ About page.

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1. Blog – Latest Posts

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– Blog Reviews –

“Brilliantly written and never fails to make me laugh! Photos of the doggies are cuteness overload!” Helen B.

“I’m loving your blogs Jackie, so well written and amusing. In addition, for many people, the information about travel with petspursuing Bailey caravans for the shortfalls of their products and how to remove snow balls from the belly of a dog, is invaluable.” Elaine W.Author.

“Jackie makes it hilarious; the dogs are just gorgeous; photos are amazing. Love these guys and the fact they have dared to be different. The pups have certainly experienced so much more than any other dog I know for sure, only wish they could talk or have their own blog. Love and luck to you all.” Julie C.

“Of all the dog-centric caravan travel blogs I follow, this one is by far the best.” Luke D.

“You have absolutely got to write a book… I have never met anyone who writes like you . Even your blog about toilets was a joy to read.” Nicola J.

O.K. Nicola – your wish is my command… 😂

2. I Wrote Four Five Books!

Our previous road trips in FranceGermanyRomania & a Ski Season in Italy immortalised in print, along with the Travel Anthologies in which we have featured. For a five star read or a great gift for dog and travel lovers, click HERE to go to my page on Amazon.

Have Won Awards…

And Feature in Several Anthologies!

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I Also Write A Regular #Writer’sTravelogueSeries for The Write Stuff

3. About Us

Who we are, why we did it and The Most Dangerous Risk of All.

4. Trips

Our travel posts B.C. (Before Canines) & A.D. (After Dog) arranged in order.

We have towed on some of the world’s most Dangerous Roads. Also  When Caravanning Goes BAD rounds up the worst experiences..! 

5. Adventure A-Z

Our World Travels B.C. (Before Canines.)

From Walking with Wolves to a Honeymoon with venomous vipers. Also, click HERE to check out My Adventure A-Z from Abseiling to Zorbing with Fire Eating, Jousting, & Tiger Cuddling thrown in!

6. Ski & Surf

Pups on Piste, and a board housewife with Pups on SUPs!

I write for Ratoong, the No.1 ski resort-rating website & the U.K.’s National Watersports Festival.

7. Expedition Truck

Click here to go to the Expedition Truck page for more details on our Brexit Busting plan to drive to Mongolia in The Beast, a Volvo N10 truck.

It includes how we specified, bought and converted her.

Our Truckin’ Adventures are all on the Truckin’ About page.

8. Top Tips

From doggie travel tips to how to retire early to live the dream, it’s all here.

Along with Product ReviewsGifts and Guides to campsites, areas and countries.

9. Shop

Pawsome ideas, from Travel Essentials to pawfect pressies for the pooch or traveller in your life. There are also product reviews and, if you or someone you love is ready to be inspired by other people’s travel stories, check out my books and book recommendations!

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Where Are We Now?

It takes lots of time to craft these blog posts, so my blog is always a little behind. I have just started using Polarsteps, where you can track our progress right up to our previous stopover. For security, I don’t post our actual whereabouts publicly!

The Fab Four

About Us

Hi, we’re The Fab Four. From left to right, Rosie, Lani, Kai & Ruby seen here in Slovenia with our friend Oskar the Cavalier. Do you want to know more about us? Read the dogs biogs.

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