AD (After Dogs) – The Voyages of Caravan Kismet

Caravan Kismet enjoying the view at Camping Margherita, Gressoney St Jean, Monte Rosa, Italy. 

Here, you will find links in chronological order to some of the adventures that we have had in Caravan Kismet.

1. Books

Our first three years of adventures, through France, Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Romania, are now immortalised in our Books.

2. The Coronavirus Chronicles

We escaped Brexit – and found ourselves in quarantine in Italy! See how we make our isolation SPLENDID in a deserted ski resort, despite The Italian Jobsworth.

3. Our Exit Before Brexit

An out of season jaunt to the Alps to avoid Britain’s exit from the EU.

3. A Brief Bark Around Britain

A few of our UK experiences.

4. Dogs ‘n; Dracula – A Road Trip Through Romania

We set off towards Spain and Portugal, but turned left! Our unplanned trip took us to France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Romania. 

5. When Caravanning Goes BAD!

Livin’ the dream is not all sunshine and rainbows. Here are some of our worst experiences…

6. Fame

A digest of a number of our trips, written as guest posts for various international blogs and publications

7. Pups on Piste 

Walking in a Winter Wooferland – our first season on the slopes!

Pups with St Anna behind
Rosie, Lani, Ruby and Kai in front of St Anna, Staffal, Italy

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