AD (After Dogs) – The Voyages of Caravan Kismet

Caravan Kismet enjoying the view at Camping Margherita, Gressoney St Jean, Monte Rosa, Italy. 

Here, you will find links in chronological order to some of the adventures that we have had in Caravan Kismet.

1. Year 1 – Fur Babies in France

Jacqueline_Lambert_Book_Adventure_Caravanning_with_Dogs - Reduced“And then there is the most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” Randy Komisar

We were both made redundant in our early 50s and decided to get a dog. We ended up with four; Cavapoos Kai, Rosie, Ruby and Lani.

Then we accidentally bought a caravan. Celebrating our unexpected purchase, we got a little tipsy and decided to rent out the house, sell most of our possessions and tour in her full time.

When we sobered up, that is exactly what we did! Fur Babies in France is the story of our first year; a steep learning curve which involved a lot of breakages and a near-death experience on day one… However, touring France by the back roads, we eventually found what we were looking for. Beauty, peace and tranquillity, with a bit of windsurfing thrown in! To order Fur Babies in France, click here.

2. Year 2 – Dog on the Rhine

Dog_on_the_Rhine_ReducedIn our second year, we got a little more adventurous and crossed from France into Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia before stopping for a little R&R in Italy on the way home.

In our travels, we went on a cycle ride with a group of pensioners and nearly got into a fight, took Caravan Kismet rafting on the river Neckar and discovered a good few places that we reckon are GOBs – GET ONYER BUCKETLIST! To order Dog on the Rhine click here.


3. Year 3 Dogs ‘n Dracula – A Ramble to RomaniaWe were heading to Spain and Portugal, but decided to turn left…

4. Pups on Piste – Walking in a Winter Wooferland – our first season on the slopes!

Pups with St Anna behind
Rosie, Lani, Ruby and Kai in front of St Anna, Staffal, Italy