Pups on Piste


It is not just our Fur Babies who are Powder Hounds.

We love the snow and this is where you will find information about our favourite resorts, wintry words-to-the-wise, plus parables from on piste – and off!

Skiing with Dogs

  1. Winterised World Wide Walkies – 10 Tips to Keep Chilly Canines Cosy – invaluable advice if you are considering taking your furry friends to cooler climes
  2. Winter Walkies in Monte Rosa – dog-friendly access to the mountains!
  3. “Pups on Piste – Dog Friendly Ski Vacation in the Italian Alps” – walks in Monte Rosa. We’ve gone global. Four British Cavapoos in Italy featured on an American blog!  
  4. A Short Guide to Taking Fur Babies to the Slopes – everything you need to know from getting there to dog friendly accommodation, featured on the excellent Driving with Dogs website, which details dog-friendly pubs, beaches and walks near motorways in the UK and France. 

General Ski Blogs

  1. A Life Without Ligaments – And How to Avoid It! few pointers on how to avoid injury & how to make progress if the worst happens. 
  2. How Summer in a Ski Resort Will Improve Your Skiing – it might surprise you. It’s not all about fitness!

Piste Proposals

  1. Gressoney, Monte Rosa – Hidden Gem & Off Piste Ski Paradise! – inspiration for the perfect venue for taking Pups on Piste!

Words to the Wise

  1. With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility! – stay safe when you venture off piste. 
  2. How to Improve Your Skiing IMMEASURABLY! – I used to cry on Blue runs – this is how I went rapidly downhill from there! 

Activities for Non-Skiers

  1. The Battle of the Oranges – The Carnevale di Ivreafun with fruit for the few days before Shrove Tuesday. 

Summer in Monte Rosa

  1. Our First Taste of Freedom on Star Wars Day!with coronavirus lockdown relaxed, The Fab Four walk The Queen’s Walk – La Passegiata della Regina 
  2. Lockdown Life – 8,000ft Walkies to The Source of the River Lys
  3. Lockdown Life – How The Greatest Rock Climber in the Alps was Saved by the Hunter King & a Poacher
  4. Carvings, Chamois & A Change of Perspective
  5. Into Thin Air – Hiking the Valle di Salza


Tails from our first season in Monte Rosa are now immortalised in print! If you want to know how we got lost, stranded, conduct experiments on the edge of control and take a Back-Country Ski Course in which one instructor’s advice is, “Don’t miss the turn or you’ll go over a cliff…” check out my book page!


Please note that the purpose of my blog is simply to inform and entertain, not provide professional advice. Please see my Disclaimer for further information. 

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