Volvo Means ‘I Roll’: Moving Into An Expedition Rig

Here, you can follow our first adventure in The Beast, the Volvo N10 expedition rig that we converted to take us to Mongolia.

For more information on how we sourced, specified, imported, registered and converted the truck, including the cost of conversion, see my Expedition Truck page.

Strife at Shooting Box – Shropshire, UK

“F****** hell Mark!” was a fair summation of my thoughts as my husband shoved a crumpled Ordnance Survey map onto my lap. As he stabbed his finger at his intended destination, just…

I have published five books about our previous travels across Europe with Caravan Kismet and book 6 is on its way. In the lead up to publication, my previous ebooks are on special offer. Recently, Rafting The Zambezi – The River of the Gods was published in the travel anthology Itchy Feet which is now available on Amazon. For more details, click here.

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