About Us

1. Why We Travel

The Most Dangerous Risk of All

Caravan Kismet parked just feet from the Adriatic on the Island of Krk, Croatia

2. The Dogs’ Biogs

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Lani, Kai, Ruby & Rosie

An introduction to the Fab Four – & why we chose the Cavapoo as a breed.

3. The Caravan Keepers

The new family shot Romania
We were ‘that couple with five dogs’ when we adopted a stray in Romania

An introduction to ‘That couple with four dogs’ – otherwise known as Jackie & Mark! With links to interviews & my author gallery – find out what I love about being a fiftysomething, what it’s like to travel with four dogs & how the Zambezi shaped me.

4. Vehicles

Everything you need to know about our vehicles.

4. Awards, Reviews & Recognition


Some Puppy Love for World Wide Walkies! including:

5. Contact

Get in touch! 

The full team at Tranquil Pines Campsite, Hungary