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Blackburn Woman (54) with Kai, the Lincoln Imp (4)

Podcast A Cup of Tea with Alan.

I was delighted to find myself in the esteemed company of multi-award-winning & bestselling authors as a guest on author Alan Parks‘ podcast.

Featuring interviews with indie authors from around the globe, listen on the links below.

Dog & Travel Spotlight Author Q&A – We Love Memoirs

Find out how we finance our travels without working, the challenges of touring with dogs or some excellent reading/presents (not just my own books!)?

Travelling with Four Dogs – Boogie the Pug

Our interview with Boogie the Pug, a fellow canine traveller from Over the Pond, about The Fab Four’s exploits in Europe.

If you want to know what inspired us, what essentials we pack and our best advice on travelling with dogs, check out the full interview here.

The Sunshine Blogger

Given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity.

It’s kind of an interview. Discover:

  • Why I blog
  • My heroes
  • What I want to achieve

Mr and Mrs Windsurfing – ‘Boards’ magazine. 

Mr and Mrs Windsurfing – An interview with a couple of Compulsive Obsessives by ‘Boards’ magazine. 

Passionpiece Weekly Interview – Jackie Lambert  

  • How Rafting the Zambezi shaped me
  • How I negotiated a year off work to travel
  • How and why I gave up work completely
  • Why researching motorhomes led me to buy a caravan

Woman (54) Writes New Book – Lancashire Telegraph! 

Really! And I am so sensitive about my age! 

An interview on the release of my first book, Fur Babies in France – From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream

World Footprints – Around the World in 16 Photos

Have a look at who supplied No 4!

It’s where I learned there’s more to life than work-eat-sleep-repeat.

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