Truckin’ About

Here, you can follow our adventures in The Beast, the Volvo N10 expedition rig that we converted to take us to Mongolia.

1. Our Latest Trip: Never Mind The Balkans Tour

The Beast on the beach near Vlorë, Albania

2. Our First Truckversary!

3. Volvo Means ‘I Roll’: Moving Into An Expedition Rig

4. How We Specified, Imported & Converted An Expedition Truck

For more information on how we sourced, specified, imported, registered and converted the truck, including the cost of conversion, see my The Beast A Volvo N10 Truck page.

6. The Birth Of The Beast Slideshow

6. Books

I have published five books about our previous travels across Europe with Caravan Kismet and book 6 is on its way. I have also contributed to several travel anthologies.

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