Truckin’ for Girls

You’ve heard of Scouting for Boys, this is Truckin’ for Girls!

Ladies often tell me they don’t drive their caravans or RVs. I encourage them to learn, since if their driver feels ill one day, breaks an ankle, or suffers some minor injury, they will be stuck.

There is nothing fundamentally difficult about driving a larger vehicle. Like any new skill, it is just a matter of gaining confidence – and in my opinion, the best way to do that is through professional tuition.

Although my licence allowed me to tow our seven-metre caravan with our five-metre van, (the length of an articulated lorry) I had never driven anything that size before, so I booked myself on a caravan manoueuvring course. Then, when my husband, Mark, broke his ribs in Budapest, instead of being stuck until he healed, I was able to drive us across three countries and continue our trip.

Since we upgraded our caravan for an overland truck, I had to stand by my own advice and take my Class 2 LGV truck licence. To remove some of the mystery for any other aspiring LGV Ladies, I have documented my experience as a 59-year-old lady entering a very male dominated world.

See how I got on!

Lorry Lessons for Ladies – Day 4

“How are you this morning?” I greeted my fellow students, shuffling from foot to foot in their customary huddle at the training centre. “Could be better,” replied Rob, who clutched a large can of Monster energy drink. “My car’s turbo blew up on the M25 on the way…

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