I am delighted to have been asked to contribute chapters to a number of anthologies, alongside established New York Times bestselling and other award-winning authors.

Here is the selection so far, all now available on Amazon. I also contributed a bonus chapter to the Travel Stories box-set, released on Boxing Day 2021.

The Travel Stories Series

Itchy Feet: Tales of travel & adventure

If you have missed seeing the world through lockdown, come with us as we take an epic journey out of Africa, through the Indonesian jungle and raft the Zambezi.

Ride a Harley through France and Spain and find out what makes someone a perpetual nomad.

Itchy Feet was released to a string of five-star reviews. A free photo album accompanies each book in the Travel Stories series. Follow this link for the album that accompanies Itchy Feet. My contribution, Rafting the Zambezi, The River of the Gods appears on Page 14.

Wish You Were Here: Holiday Memories

We all have that one holiday that stands out in our minds, that one break or vacation we will never forget. Whether it is a childhood ‘bucket and spade’ family holiday, the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ dream destination, your first trip abroad or the city where you first fell in love, the memories are still there today.

The award-winning and top travel memoir authors in this anthology bring out their postcards and photo albums and invite you to join them as they reminisce about their travels.

Maybe they will inspire you to book your next holiday too!

To view the photo album that accompanies Wish You Were Here, follow this link. My Galápagos Fantasy appears on page 14.

The Travel Stories Box Set – With 17 Bonus Chapters!

The Travel Stories series is available as a box set, with 17 bonus chapters! That’s nearly a whole extra book!

My bonus contribution is A Honeymoon Horror Story – don’t miss it!

To view the photo album for the bonus chapters, follow this link. My Honeymoon Horror is on page 20.

40 Life Changing Events

Where the unforeseen lies in wait… surprises abound.

25 writers share events that have changed their lives. Some of these stories are tragic, others full of joy, but they all encapsulate tenacity, resilience, and self-belief.

What will you take away from these exceptional recollections from across the generations? This fascinating compilation will encourage you to pause and reflect, with tales that offer much needed motivation and inspiration in these challenging times.

50 Intriguing Personal Insights

Memories are made to be recalled and shared. Providing unique insights into the soul.

In this anthology of real-life stories, twenty-nine writers share fifty fascinating experiences about themselves or those close to them. Take a break from your busy schedule and immerse yourself in this remarkable book.

Discover how pivotal moments have affected their lives in unpredictable ways. You will feel stimulated by their honesty and take away a sense of intrigue and fulfilment.

Voices from the road

Our Romanian Rhapsody, including A Street Dog Named Blade was chosen to feature in this anthology, Voices from the road.

A collection of 38 accounts of amazing, hilarious, moving, memorable, educational and life-changing road trips from every corner of the globe. Told in the actual words of the intrepid travellers who drove, biked, RV’d, and motorcycled across the rumble strips of the world.

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