The Wuff Guide to Travelling with Dogs

Here you will find links to my blogs containing helpful hints about issues that you will face when travelling overland with dogs.

For information regarding flying with dogs, check out Travelnuity or the Pettravel website for the airline pet policies for over 160 airlines.

EU Travel With Dogs

The Fur-Friendly Ferry to France – Brittany Ferries now offer pet-friendly cabins on both French and Spanish crossings. 

DFDS Dog Friendly Ferry Cabins – Newcastle to Amsterdam.

Country Guides


Travel With Dogs to Albania – What You Need To Know

I would be fibbing if I didn’t say there are easier places to travel to with dogs. However, Albania is a stunning country, full of very kind people, and is definitely worth seeing – particularly now, before it becomes over-developed for tourism. Albania is inexpensive and easily accessible from Italy, Greece and other Balkan countries.…

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Doggie Travel Tips

Packing List for Travel With Dogs

This post has been produced in partnership with dog behaviourist Nicky Crowe of Chilled Out Dogs, who is happy to offer online courses, advice and consultations. Includes FREE printable packing list.

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  1. What to Do if you Lose Your Dog comprehensive advice on what action to take if you lose your dog.

Doggie Travel Gear


Are Cavapoos ‘The Perfect Dog’?

We are often asked about The Fab Four. These are the most common questions; What breed are they? Cavapoos – a cross between a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.Are they related? No – they are all the same breed and the same age, but they are not related. We have been told that sometimes, siblings…

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Pups on SUPs: Stand Up Paddle Boarding with your Dog

For many years B.C. (Before Canines) I was a Board Housewife, so a desire to share the water with my Fur Babies is only natural. This post was first published as a guest post for Travelnuity – Dog Friendly Travel Around the World. Click this link to see the article on Travelnuity. I have updated…

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How to Safely Manage Your Puppy’s Barking

Please note that the purpose of my blog is simply to inform and entertain, not provide professional advice. Please see my Disclaimer for further information. 

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