Packing List for Travel With Dogs

This post has been produced in partnership with dog behaviourist Nicky Crowe of Chilled Out Dogs, who is happy to offer online courses, advice and consultations.

Includes FREE printable packing list.

Prior to Travel

  • Get your dog used to travel/the car/his crate before a long trip
  • Ensure all vaccinations and documentation are up to date
  • Check microchip contact details are current



Food & Water

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Health & Documentation

  • Prescription medication
  • Parasite Treatment (Fleas, Ticks, Worms, Mosquito & Sandfly etc)
  • O’Tom Tick Removal Tool
  • Doggy First Aid Kit
  • Paw Wax
  • Vet’s details – at home & destination
  • Pet Passport/Animal Health Certificate & other medical documentation (originals, not copies)

Jackie Lambert is an author and doggie travel blogger who has toured Europe full time for the last five years with her husband and four dogs.

Jackie’s Adventure Caravanning with Dogs books have received multiple fiive-star reviews, won and been shortlisted for awards, and achieved ‘Amazon Bestseller’ status.

To Download a printable pdf copy of the packing list, click the link below.

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Published by Jacqueline Lambert @WorldWideWalkies

AD (After Dogs) - We retired early to tour Europe in a caravan with four dogs. "To boldly go where no van has gone before". Since 2021, we've been at large in a 24.5-tonne self-converted ex-army truck called The Beast. BC (Before Canines) - we had adventures on every continent other than Antarctica!

13 thoughts on “Packing List for Travel With Dogs

  1. I remember, when our two cocker spaniels were still with us, and we were about to travel, their bags were first packed and placed at the front door … then they knew we were about to go on an adventure and they would never be far from their bags ☺️.

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