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21 Best Gifts for the Travelling Dog


The Fab Four have been on the road since they were a year old, so they have some excellent recommendations to share for essentials to accompany their fellow travelling hounds.

Our travels have also opened our eyes to the plight of our four-legged brothers and sisters both at home and abroad, so we have also included a selection of doggie gifts that give back.

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Driving with Dogs; 10 Tips for Happy Hounds


Our Continental Cavapoos are pretty seasoned travellers these days. We’ve had Fur Babies in France, Pups on Piste and Barked around Bohemia. One day last year, they traversed Austria, Italy and Slovenia in a single day!

In our chosen lifestyle, the journey is as much part of the experience as the arrival. We are, after all, on a road trip. But a vital ingredient to all happy travels is making sure that everyone’s experience is comfortable, safe and stress free.

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