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21 Best Gifts for the Travelling Dog


The Fab Four have been on the road since they were a year old, so they have some excellent recommendations to share for essentials to accompany their fellow travelling hounds.

Our travels have also opened our eyes to the plight of our four-legged brothers and sisters both at home and abroad, so we have also included a selection of doggie gifts that give back.

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15 Best Travel Gifts That Are Also Kind To The Planet

The good news is that you can still do this, while saving money and weight!

For those of us who travel, we see not only the beauty of our planet, but also the terrible damage that tourism, commerce and consumption can exact.

The environment is a subject close to my heart, so I have put together a gift guide of useful products that won’t cost the Earth. Importantly for the traveller, most of them save space and weight – as well as the planet!

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