12 Father’s Day Gifts for the Caravan / Motorhome Owner In Your Life

Although the dates vary, Father’s day is celebrated in 100 countries around the world. In the UK it’s just around the corner on 20th June.

Here are a few ideas for great gifts to suit all budgets, to treat the paternal figures in your life, be they Dads, Stepdads, Grandads or Dogfathers!

For the Driver

1. European Travel Kit

  • AA Euro Travel Kit – if you are thinking of going to Europe on your next adventure, the AA Euro Travel Kit will ensure that you have most of what you need to carry in your car to comply with the law in most countries. If you buy this kit, the AA also offers a discount on Euro Breakdown Cover. The extras that you might need are as follows;
    • Extra Warning Triangle and Hi Vis Jacket – some countries, such as Spain, Cyprus, Estonia and Bosnia require that you carry two warning triangles.
    • Family Pack Hi Vis Jackets – you must carry one reflective jacket for each passenger in the cab of your vehicle.
    • Breathalyser – France has done away with fines, but carrying an in-date breathalyser is compulsory. Breathalysers usually last only 12 months.
    • Fire Extinguisher – a fire extinguisher is not a legal requirement to drive in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and other Central European countries, but carrying one is recommended. In most Nordic, Eastern European, Baltic and Soviet countries, it is required by law.

2. Caravan / Motorhome Specific Satnav

Tomtom_Go_Camper (2).jpgThis is one of the last things that I would leave behind, especially for European touring. We have used the Tom Tom GO Camper all over Europe for the last year and have been very happy with it. To read my review, click here. However, the two Garmin satnavs also came out very well in reviews, so there is little to choose between the two. If you prefer a slightly larger screen, one of the Garmin models is probably the way to go.

For The Sharp-Dressed Man!

3. Biodegradable Sunglasses

Screenshot (45).png

BioSunnies Biodegradable Sunglasses – made from wheat straw, these biodegradable sunnies come in a range of lovely frame colours with a gift case.

4. Recyclable & Biodegradable Flip Flops

Cheap and durable, flip flops are widely used as holiday gear. However, lost or discarded plastic flip flops are a major cause of marine plastic pollution. The good news is that there are now eco friendly alternatives; Gumbies – ‘the most comfortable flip flop in the world’ was conceived in Australia, the land of the ‘thong’, but made locally to me in Poole, using up-cycled materials. Gumbies canvas flip flops come in a variety of styles and colours.

5. Top Tees

T Shirts are timeless. Here are a few of my favourites;

For The Barbecuties

Man Make Fire – it’s a truth universally acknowledged that boys like toys – and love a good cook up! So here’s a few ideas for the Barbecutie in your life!

6. USB Rechargeable Lighters

Rain- and windproof, flameless and requiring no fuel, the Candle Lighter is ideal for lighting BBQs, campfires and candles. The stylish purple lighter is a more conventional pocket-size lighter.

7. BBQ Tools

From the basics to the b… I mean The Dog’s Danglies, a good set of BBQ tools makes Babecueing a breeze, and these come in handy carry-cases too!

8. BBQ Or 9. Personalised Apron?

Cadac Safari Chef 2 Lightweight Gas BBQ – a camper’s favourite. Comes with 4 interchangeable tops, push button ignition and carry bag. It requires a hose and regulator.

And for the griller in your life, how about a personalised BBQ Apron? Available in several different colours.

A great last minute gift since the apron includes FAST SHIPPING!! On weekdays, Orders Received Before 3pm Get Dispatched 1st Class Same Day or Next Day At The Latest .

For the Tecchie – Gifts that Keep Giving!

Need last minute gifts – no worries with Amazon Prime delivery!

10. FREE Trial Amazon Prime Membership – With EXTRA Benefits

A great gift – or why not treat yourself and reap the benefits on your Father’s Day shopping with A FREE 30-DAY TRIAL?

What You Get:

Unlimited Streaming of Movies, TV, Music, ebooks and magazines – as well as secure, unlimited photo storage and speedy delivery of goods to destinations around the world. These are just some of the benefits of a subscription to Amazon Prime, which can also be shared with one other adult in your household. We have found Amazon extremely useful on our travels – for quick and hassle-free replacement of all kinds of necessities delivered directly to us on a campsite. Click here to see full details of the Prime benefits and here for a free, 30-day trial.

In addition, Prime Day on 21st and 22nd June is open ONLY to Prime Members, who will have access to over 2 million exclusive deals worldwide, including sporting goods, devices, new product launches, and top entertainment. In the lead up to Prime Day, Prime Members can also enjoy many additional benefits, including; 50% off Amazon Devices such as Echo, Fire TV and Ring, a 3-month Audible trial for 99p on audiobooks, or if you prefer ebooks 3 months Kindle Unlimited FREE, 20% off Amazon brands and up to 30% on goods from Small Businesses selling on Amazon and Spend £10 Get £10 with Small Businesses.

Please note that the Prime Day Offers run only until 22nd June.

11. Portable Solar Charger

For phones and tablets, the device has Type-C and Micro USB input ports & 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A output ports, and can charge 2 devices simultaneously. The solar panel is a backup for the power input but handy to have! From full charge, its 26800mAh large capacity is enough to charge iPhone XS up to 7 times, Galaxy S10 up to 6 times, iPad Air2 up to 3 times. 90-day money back 24-month warranty and 7*24 hours friendly after-sales service.

12. Digital Levelling Gauge

Vital for getting your van level and much easier to read than a spirit level, although it does have a spirit level as a backup!

Or there’s always our books – available on Amazon! Click the image below.

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