Prime Day – Bargain Vanlife & Travel Products

Shop & Save: Early deals & new, member-only offers Up to 50% off top brands from 21st June Amazon’s annual Prime Day event is back this 12th and 13th July, offering Prime members must-have products at up to 50% off. The 48-hour event kicks off on 12 July at 00.01am (GMT) and runs through toContinue reading “Prime Day – Bargain Vanlife & Travel Products”

On the Tuscan Run – Evicted Twice in Two Days!

Piedmont into Liguria was the exact opposite of the previous day’s pancake-flat jaunt across the Italian plain. The Autoroute Azzura, through the Appenine mountains and Genoa, presented us with a hair-raising few hours of tunnels and vertiginous viaducts. Impatient truckers, who objected to our top speed of 45 mph (70 kph), added an extra frissonContinue reading “On the Tuscan Run – Evicted Twice in Two Days!”

How To Prevent Leishmaniasis In Your Dog When Travelling In Europe

Leishmaniasis, caused by the Leishmania infantum parasite, carried by sandflies, is a severe, incurable disease, which is frequently lethal in dogs. Humans can also contract Leishmaniasis. The disease is common in Southern Europe, particularly the Mediterranean, and is spreading north as a result of climate change. It is also prevalent in the Middle East, SouthContinue reading “How To Prevent Leishmaniasis In Your Dog When Travelling In Europe”