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Collecting the Beast, Our New Expedition Truck: Part 2 – Rotterdam to Bournemouth

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Tuesday: Rotterdam – Calais (By Accident)

Mark was in Rotterdam.

This was following THE most ill-fated, 26-hour overland journey from high in the Italian Alps to The Low Countries to collect The Beast, a 30-year old ex-army truck that is to become our new, all-terrain mobile home.

Lady Luck had already made it clear that she was not on our side. After all we’d been through just purchasing The Beast and getting Mark as far as Rotterdam to collect her, I was riddled with angst about whether she would even start, never mind be roadworthy. And it was a good few years since Mark had driven a truck.

My last update had been about midday, before Mark and The Beast had actually met. It was 9:00pm before I got a call to say,

“I’m about eighty miles from the Channel Tunnel,” which was a shame.

I had just paid a supplement for the ferry crossing that he had booked from Le Havre. Continue reading “Collecting the Beast, Our New Expedition Truck: Part 2 – Rotterdam to Bournemouth”

Collecting The Beast, Our New Expedition Truck: Part 1 – Staffal to Rotterdam

The Beast waits patiently in Rotterdam. But would Mark ever get there?!

Monday: Staffal – Pont St Martin

As part of our Brexit-Busting plan to abandon Europe for Mongolia, Mark and I have bought a 24.5 tonne truck to convert into our new home. She is a Volvo N10. She is HUGE, so we named her The Beast.

We fully accepted that the purchase, unseen, of an unregistered, 30-year-old Belgian army truck in Holland to import into the UK was not likely to be 100% straightforward. With blithe determination and the conviction that ‘there’s always a solution’, we jumped through the many administrative hoops and squared that circle. Yet throughout the build-up to Mark going to collect her, it seemed the gods were trying to tell us something. Continue reading “Collecting The Beast, Our New Expedition Truck: Part 1 – Staffal to Rotterdam”

Stuck at Home and Running Out of Ideas? 5 More Things To Do in Lockdown

The days are getting longer; keep busy! Self-Improve as you Self-Isolate.

Coming up to our fourth week in isolation in Italy and unable to leave the house for over a week, we have had to get creative. Here are a few more ideas to help you while away those hours productively!

In case you missed them, you can also check out 10 Tips to Make Covid-19 Isolation SPLENDID! and “Do More, Feel Better” – Why Not Learn A Language?  Continue reading “Stuck at Home and Running Out of Ideas? 5 More Things To Do in Lockdown”

A Life Without Ligaments – And How to Avoid It!

9th Feb POW (3)
There is still much you can do without ligaments!

I am absolutely thrilled to have been selected as an Ambassador for Ratoong, a rapidly-growing website whose aim is to help skiers and snowboarders to compare, search and rate ski resorts – like Trip Advisor for skiers!

As a middle-aged lady with a dodgy knee, I am not your archetypal Snow-Sports Ambassador, but what I lack in those departments, I make up with enthusiasm. Since we gave up work to travel, Mark and I have spent our winters on the snow with our four pooches, and prior to that, we skied for as many weeks as our jobs would allow.

I am delighted that Ratoong has given me the opportunity to demonstrate that snowsports are for everyone, regardless of age, ability or gender. Continue reading “A Life Without Ligaments – And How to Avoid It!”

“Do More, Feel Better” – Why Not Learn A Language?


In Lockdown? Learn A Language Free At Home

On Tuesday 24th March 2020, the UK followed many other countries around the world and went into lockdown. With so many of us forced to find a way to cope with isolation, I hope to offer you some ideas, support and puppy love from Mark, myself and The Fab Four.

I was privileged to make a contribution to this article on learning a language, published on the excellent website, TravelAwaits; ‘A website by the 50+ Traveller for the 50+ Traveller.’

Please click the link to find out more about…

Social Distancing? Here’s How To Learn A Language At Home During Your Downtime”!

Continue reading ““Do More, Feel Better” – Why Not Learn A Language?”

The Italian Jobsworth – A Brush With The Law in Coronavirus Lockdown

Being stuck in a tranquil paradise is not sufficient to liberate me from Morning Worries

A recurring feature of our stay in Monte Rosa has been my Morning Worries.

As we sip our coffee in bed, overlooking the snowy peaks, my night fears bubble to the surface. When I am forced to blurt them out, Mark addresses each one individually, with characteristic tenderness and empathy. Continue reading “The Italian Jobsworth – A Brush With The Law in Coronavirus Lockdown”

Stuck in Isolation? – Get Your FREE Amazon eBook ‘Pups on Piste’

Pups Free Promotion

Mark and I are entering our third week of isolation in Italy. We’re keeping ourselves occupied (see 10 Tips to Make Covid-19 Isolation SPLENDID!) but have been racking our brains as to how we can help others. Continue reading “Stuck in Isolation? – Get Your FREE Amazon eBook ‘Pups on Piste’”