The Necropoli della Banditaccia, Cerverteri & Ceri, Italy

In my previous post, we discovered that the Etruscans became the Romans, but where did they come from? I’m not talking storks or cabbage patches here. I mean where in the world did they come from?

Welcome To Kosovo – Creative Writing Showcase

I am delighted that ‘Welcome to Kosovo’, a snippet from our very recent travels (about a week ago!) has been featured on author Robert Fear’s ‘Fred’s Blog’ Creative Writing Showcase. Please click the link below to read my piece on this somewhat lesser-known destination. Welcome to Kosovo by Jacqueline Lambert

Saturnia – Under The Tuscan Sun

“Mark. Are you listening?” I asked. I was admiring Peter’s wagon, particularly the epithet ‘Travel Endangers Prejudices’, which he had emblazoned on the back. Peter, Beata, and Alex had just come from Albania.