Gjirokastra, Albania: A City With Two Tales

Thus, quick Argjiro,Ran with her baby girl,Swung like a bird in the windFrom the fortress to the abyss, Rock on rock thus broken,She fell like a star,but was not extinguished Ismail Kadare – excerpt from his poem, She Fell Like A Star, But Was Not Extinguished Gjirokastra’s skyline is dominated by its enormous castle, alsoContinue reading “Gjirokastra, Albania: A City With Two Tales”

Berat, Albania – A Tale of Two Brothers & A Stroll Through ‘The City of 1000 Windows’

In central Albania, nestled between mountains with the Osum river running through its historic centre, Berat is justifiably seen as one of the country’s most beautiful towns. It is UNESCO listed, and the legend of its founding is a Tale of Two Brothers, Tomorr and Shpirag, who might have been giants, and were inseparable –Continue reading “Berat, Albania – A Tale of Two Brothers & A Stroll Through ‘The City of 1000 Windows’”

World Wide Walkies – The Story So Far!

I took a blogging break at the end of last year to launch and market my latest book, To Hel In A Hound Cart – Journey To The Centre Of Europe. This was the fifth and last book in the Adventure Caravanning With Dogs series, which follows our journey since we gave up work inContinue reading “World Wide Walkies – The Story So Far!”

WorldWideWalkies Wishes You A Pawsome Christmas!

Thank you to all of you for reading and following our adventures throughout 2022, and for all your lovely comments and feedback. World Wide Walkies will be taking a blogging break until early January. I am sure that you will have more important things to do over the Festive Period than wonder about what happensContinue reading “WorldWideWalkies Wishes You A Pawsome Christmas!”