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Krk to Enterprise – & Naughty, Naked Nudity! Island of Krk, Croatia.

The joy of being a windsurfer. Forecast; wind & no rain. Actual; No wind, rain & thunderstorms!

Krk here.

I was looking forward to my first windsurf in 3 months. It is nice to be reminded what it is to be a windsurfer; sitting in the van in the rain saying “it will get up soon!”

Forecast; 25kts NE; no rain.

Actual, 9kts SE; precipitation and thunderstorms! So once again, we are REAL WINDSURFERS! Not actually windsurfing… (for more on this, see my blog ‘How to Blag Your Way in Windsurfing’ which explains in full the fascination of this wonderful sport!) Continue reading “Krk to Enterprise – & Naughty, Naked Nudity! Island of Krk, Croatia.”

South Bohemian Rhapsody – Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Český Krumlov – ‘Prague in Miniature’

We caught glimpses of a magical city of spires and terracotta tiles, almost moated by the River Vltava as she nestled into a horseshoe-shaped bend in the river.

We were driving around the ring road looking for parking and worrying, because we had no Czech currency to pay for it!

But Český Krumlov granted us a stay of execution. The car park was pay on exit! Continue reading “South Bohemian Rhapsody – Český Krumlov, Czech Republic”

Dog on the Rhine – Ohhhhhhh-ning!

06:49 – we were awoken by a loud crash.

02:14 it started raining. I got up and closed the roof lights.

06:49 we were awoken by a loud crash. I got a sense of a large person vaulting over me in bed, emitting a long, ghostly moan “Ooooooh-ning…” Continue reading “Dog on the Rhine – Ohhhhhhh-ning!”

Dog on the Rhine – A Quick Way to Get Schlossed!

A view across the rooftops of Bacharach; the mighty Rhine in the background.

A word of advice. If you don’t like castles, wine and half-timbered houses, do not come to the Rhineland!

It was another beautiful day; we waited until it was cooler to take the dogs out for a walk through Bacharach, which is a pretty cobbled town with lovely old, timber framed houses. We walked up a pathway to the vineyards and were treated to beautiful views across the rooftops over the town. Continue reading “Dog on the Rhine – A Quick Way to Get Schlossed!”