Never Mind The Balkans Tour Step 1 – Blackburn to Newhaven

At last, we were sitting at Newhaven on Britain’s south coast, about to board the ferry to our next adventure. For many months, it had felt like a day that might never arrive.

Sinkhole.Tiles.Sorted – How To Get Stuck in a Go Anywhere Truck!

“You can take that anywhere!” As the crowds mobbed around our rig at the Adventure Overland Show in Stratford on Avon, the watchword was, “That’s definitely a ‘Go Anywhere’ truck!” With four-wheel drive, the ability to climb slopes up to sixty-degrees, and anecdotal assurance that, “You could drive that on the moon!” we had absoluteContinue reading “Sinkhole.Tiles.Sorted – How To Get Stuck in a Go Anywhere Truck!”

Strife at Shooting Box – Shropshire, UK

“F****** hell Mark!” was a fair summation of my thoughts as my husband shoved a crumpled Ordnance Survey map onto my lap. As he stabbed his finger at his intended destination, just prior to performing a U-turn with our lorry, I might even have exclaimed this out loud, and with some volume. I followed upContinue reading “Strife at Shooting Box – Shropshire, UK”