Krujë – We Meet the Dragon of Albania in the City Beyond the Sky

As we wound up hairpins to Krujë, Mark said, “I wasn’t expecting it to be like this!” It could be his catch phrase, although I am not sure how he thought Krujë, a town whose handle is ‘The City Beyond the Sky’ would not be uphill. Still, it meant we didn’t need to worry aboutContinue reading “Krujë – We Meet the Dragon of Albania in the City Beyond the Sky”

Llogar Pass to Apollonia, Albania

Apollonia, in southern Albania, is where Octavian received news of his great uncle, Julius Caesar’s murder. A student at Europe’s first university, Apollonia’s School of Philosophy, Octavian left immediately for Rome.

Gjirokastra to Butrint, & St. Nikolas’ Monastery, Albania

Appearances can be deceptive. In some ways, the articulated lorries made us feel a little better. Clearly, the narrow, winding mountain road could take large traffic. In other ways, however, it tested our nerve. Albanian drivers have no qualms about nipping around lorries, or even other cars already overtaking them, on blind bends, regardless ofContinue reading “Gjirokastra to Butrint, & St. Nikolas’ Monastery, Albania”

Join Me, Win Books, Ask Me Anything!

I’m delighted to be ‘in residence’ throughout the day in We Love Memoirs, a Facebook group which connects authors of true stories with those who love to read them. If you’re interested in: * Giving up work to live your dream * RV Travel * Travel With Dogs * Getting off the beaten path WhyContinue reading “Join Me, Win Books, Ask Me Anything!”