Saturnia – Under The Tuscan Sun

“Mark. Are you listening?” I asked. I was admiring Peter’s wagon, particularly the epithet ‘Travel Endangers Prejudices’, which he had emblazoned on the back. Peter, Beata, and Alex had just come from Albania.

On the Tuscan Run – Evicted Twice in Two Days!

Piedmont into Liguria was the exact opposite of the previous day’s pancake-flat jaunt across the Italian plain. The Autoroute Azzura, through the Appenine mountains and Genoa, presented us with a hair-raising few hours of tunnels and vertiginous viaducts. Impatient truckers, who objected to our top speed of 45 mph (70 kph), added an extra frissonContinue reading “On the Tuscan Run – Evicted Twice in Two Days!”

On Writing & Publishing – Adrian Sturrock

Last week, we met Adrian Sturrock, the man who wrote one of the funniest road trip memoirs I have ever read! According to his bio, Adrian Sturrock is a writer, occasional musician, teacher, and ethnic minority (except, he claims, when in Wales). Adrian recently quit his job to follow his dreams, and last week, I askedContinue reading “On Writing & Publishing – Adrian Sturrock”

We Join The Mile High Club Twice In One Day – Savines-le-Lac to Staffal

We are all pilgrims who seek Italy. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe As we passed the sign, I had a strange sinking feeling. It felt odd coming back, because the last time we’d been in Tschaval – Staffal, we were absolutely desperate to get away.