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Lockdown Life – How The Greatest Rock Climber in the Alps was Saved by the Hunter King & a Poacher

‘The King of the Alps’, an Alpine ibex, assumes a ‘Monarch of the Glen’ pose on a grassy knoll near Staffal

We are now in our third month of lockdown in a tiny, deserted ski resort in Monte Rosa, Northern Italy.

One of the highlights of lockdown life has been wildlife sightings in deserted cities and boy, do I have a treat for you! Here in Staffal, Mother Nature has bestowed upon us some very rare and beautiful gifts. Continue reading “Lockdown Life – How The Greatest Rock Climber in the Alps was Saved by the Hunter King & a Poacher”

What I Love About Being A Fiftysomething

I’m not like most teens. I’m in my 50s!

If you haven’t grown up by age 50, you don’t have to.

Mark Twain might have said that. He certainly said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

I am delighted to have been featured on the inspiring blog, Loving The Fifty Something, which encourages Midlifers like myself to embrace their age with open arms.

Discover answers to important questions, such as:

  • Why turning 50 was better than turning 37
  • Which destination pushed Maui into second place
  • How to plan in times of uncertainty
  • My Post Retirement Purpose in Life
  • What I want to be when I’m 80

Click on this link to go to the blog Jackie Lambert – Amazing Over 50’s.

Living the Dream in Lockdown – Our First Month in Italian Isolation

Living the Dream in Lockdown – At least we have each other!

I vowed always to be honest in my blog and not to pull any punches. Our ‘dream’ lifestyle has many advantages, but it is not always sunshine and rainbows.

Living the Dream in Lockdown has not been too bad, but three weeks in, I did have a little wibble. Continue reading “Living the Dream in Lockdown – Our First Month in Italian Isolation”

The Italian Jobsworth – A Brush With The Law in Coronavirus Lockdown

Being stuck in a tranquil paradise is not sufficient to liberate me from Morning Worries

A recurring feature of our stay in Monte Rosa has been my Morning Worries.

As we sip our coffee in bed, overlooking the snowy peaks, my night fears bubble to the surface. When I am forced to blurt them out, Mark addresses each one individually, with characteristic tenderness and empathy. Continue reading “The Italian Jobsworth – A Brush With The Law in Coronavirus Lockdown”

A Dog-Friendly Wine Tour, Barolo, Italy

“Wine is the roar of the earth towards the sky” at Rocche dei Manzoni

Lovin’ the Langhe – Land of Wine, Hazlenuts & Truffles

“How do you plan where to go on your trips?”

A good question. It is one that we’re often asked, although, the answer is not straightforward. Continue reading “A Dog-Friendly Wine Tour, Barolo, Italy”

Barolo or Bust – Camping Sole Langhe, Vergne, Italy

Barolo 1
Ready to Roll in the Rain; Except, Houston; We Had a Problem!

A Lesson about Leccy & A Trauma in the Terroir

At 9pm, the gods turned a fire hose on us. The furious winds that had battered caravan Kismet all day gave way to torrential, hammering rain. The ferocity of the wind vindicated our decision to stay an extra day in Les Arbrets and avoid towing. (For advice on towing in wind, please see my blog To Tow or Not to Tow? – Is it Safe to Tow in High Winds?)

The following the morning, we were smothered by snuggly pups; perhaps scared by the rain still hammering on the roof. It made for a slower than intended start; Ruby gave us one of her little songs, then every time I tried to get up, she threw her paws around my neck and pushed me back down. Puppy love is impossible to resist!

In any case, it wasn’t the most alluring day to get outside. A swamp the size of The Everglades had formed around Kismet’s step, then, things improved markedly once we had squelched through it to pack everything away in the rain. For the first time in her life, Big Blue refused to start. Her battery was completely dead. Continue reading “Barolo or Bust – Camping Sole Langhe, Vergne, Italy”