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A Gad on Garda – ‘The Functional Walk’ along the Sarca River

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The Sarca River never disappoints!

We leave Campsite Maroadi via the lake entrance and turn left; over the bridge that straddles the slipway and past the watersports centre. We cross a larger bridge over the River Sarca, where it flows into the northern end of Lake Garda. We turn immediately left to join the path along the far side of the river

We usually stop to throw the ball into the water here. A crowd often gathers on the bridge to watch Kai and Rosie swim tirelessly, while Ruby paddles, or bounces up and down on her front legs like a toy dog; barking furious, excited encouragement from the shore. Continue reading “A Gad on Garda – ‘The Functional Walk’ along the Sarca River”

The Best Anniversary Present EVER! Lake Garda, Italy.

Rosie decides to impress Kai by telling him all about Lake Garda.

Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake, but that is not the only reason that it is remarkable.

The soaring, limestone peaks of the western Brenta Dolomites rise straight out of its crystal waters, but you will find no fir trees or alpine meadows here. Continue reading “The Best Anniversary Present EVER! Lake Garda, Italy.”

Krk to Enterprise – & Naughty, Naked Nudity! Island of Krk, Croatia.

The joy of being a windsurfer. Forecast; wind & no rain. Actual; No wind, rain & thunderstorms!

Krk here.

I was looking forward to my first windsurf in 3 months. It is nice to be reminded what it is to be a windsurfer; sitting in the van in the rain saying “it will get up soon!”

Forecast; 25kts NE; no rain.

Actual, 9kts SE; precipitation and thunderstorms! So once again, we are REAL WINDSURFERS! Not actually windsurfing… (for more on this, see my blog ‘How to Blag Your Way in Windsurfing’ which explains in full the fascination of this wonderful sport!) Continue reading “Krk to Enterprise – & Naughty, Naked Nudity! Island of Krk, Croatia.”

Escape from Austria – to ‘The Most Beautiful River in the World’, Slovenia

Mark’s reaction on entering Slovenia. It says it all!

Be brave & have faith – there is almost always something better around the corner!

We were upset to have been booted out of the beautiful mountains in Austria but the moment we entered Slovenia, my jaw dropped. It re-clenched again only as we descended the many vertiginous hairpins of the Predel (or Predil) Pass.

As we topped Predel at 1156m (5,285ft), all we could see were the bright, white limestone peaks of the Julian Alps soaring into the air over deep chasms of emerald green, far below. The pyramids were faced with limestone so that they shone out in the landscape; this was far more impressive. My camera ran out of battery as I tried in vain to capture the amazing views that greeted every turn. Continue reading “Escape from Austria – to ‘The Most Beautiful River in the World’, Slovenia”