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“I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Cluny” – The City of the Horse, Bourgogne, France

Cluny Abbey

Since the caravan brakes didn’t fail and we’ve already used up the stress-making options of a Kamikaze Lorry and towing a caravan through the Mistral, Mark tried to add a different layer of excitement to our departure. As he loaded the bikes on to the van, he tried to amputate the end of his finger on my spokes.

Stemming the flow of husbandly blood is always a fine prelude to a road trip. Continue reading ““I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Cluny” – The City of the Horse, Bourgogne, France”

A Week in Provence – The Penny Pincher’s Guide to Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard

Nous Sommes Citoyens de France – We Are Citizens of France! The Fab Four are now officially Le Quatre Fabuleux. Following our trip to the vet, they got their DHPP vaccinations, French passports and a pipette for leishmania, a mosquito-borne disease to be wary of near the Med. On American Independence Day, they gained the freedom to travel throughout Schengen, which is more than we will be able to do at the end of the Brexit transition period. (For more information on why we put  The Fab Four on French passports, see Pet Travel Post Brexit.)

As a treat, we took Le Quatre Fabuleux to river for a stick chase and then drove around to find a back way into the Pont du Gard. Continue reading “A Week in Provence – The Penny Pincher’s Guide to Pont du Gard”

A Week in Provence – Verdon to Avignon: We Plan, The Gods Laugh…

Big Blue & Caravan Kismet stop to admire the lavender fields of the Valensole plateau

Big Blue and Caravan Kismet were all packed up and ready to go by 9am, right on schedule.

We had appointments in Avignon the following day. After our hair-raising drive in, the plan was to leave early and get the precipitous hairpins of the Gorges du Verdon out of the way before it got too busy, but once again, the gods had conspired against us. Continue reading “A Week in Provence – Verdon to Avignon: We Plan, The Gods Laugh…”

A Week In Provence – The Lavender Fields of Valensole

Ruby & I are Ladies in Lavender

The weather forecast was on a red alert for storms, which made it difficult to plan.

It was far too hot to walk – most of the footpaths in the Gorges du Verdon have no shade whatsoever and the white limestone reflects the sunlight and heat straight back at you. We found one shady route, the Sentier des Pêcheurs – The Fishermen’s Trail, which led down to the part of the gorge where we paddled our SUPs the other day. Although it also offered an opportunity for a cooling swim for people and pooches, we had driven the Route des Crêtes that morning. Time was getting on – and the gorges are not the place to be caught out in a thunderstorm.

By accident, we arrived in Provence at the best time to see lavender, right in the middle of the short season (between mid-June and mid-to-late July, depending on the year and the weather.) I really wanted to see the lavender fields. Our onward route would take us over the plateau of Valensole, which is just beyond the beautiful village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, which we visited the other day. Nevertheless, we decided to go and have a proper look without the caravan in tow and oh boy. What an assault on the senses it was! Continue reading “A Week In Provence – The Lavender Fields of Valensole”