Butrint, Albania: The Fall of Troy, The Founding of Rome, & A Load of Old Bull

At Butrint, in southwestern Albania, we discovered tranquillity, jewel colours, fecund nature, and a sense of history that rustled through the trees like a whisper from the past.

Gjirokastra, Albania: A City With Two Tales

Thus, quick Argjiro,Ran with her baby girl,Swung like a bird in the windFrom the fortress to the abyss, Rock on rock thus broken,She fell like a star,but was not extinguished Ismail Kadare – excerpt from his poem, She Fell Like A Star, But Was Not Extinguished Gjirokastra’s skyline is dominated by its enormous castle, alsoContinue reading “Gjirokastra, Albania: A City With Two Tales”

The Road to Gjirokastra, Albania

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when it’s 39°C, a man in possession of a chemical toilet that hasn’t been emptied for a week is in need of a black water disposal point.

Fier, Albania, A Lakeside Layover

“We need to stop talking about it, for Kai’s sake.” Mark and I were still trying to rationalise the incident. How Kai got out of the truck. How a small pup, normally fearful of other dogs, got close enough to a wild canine behemoth to be bitten and shaken to within seconds of death. ThenContinue reading “Fier, Albania, A Lakeside Layover”