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Bitch Slapped by Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany


The monotonous, flat panorama buckled into a few low, forested hills as we drove across the Franconian wine country towards Bamberg. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bamberg came highly recommended.

There were even a few nice villages en route, which contrasted sharply with Düllstadt, a town near our campsite, which lived up to its name and said everything about the immediate area. Düllstadt’s only feature was a brown, tourist sign which advertised Kartoffeln – potatoes. And that was the most exciting thing about Düllstadt!

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A Week in Provence – Verdon to Avignon: We Plan, The Gods Laugh…

Big Blue & Caravan Kismet stop to admire the lavender fields of the Valensole plateau

Big Blue and Caravan Kismet were all packed up and ready to go by 9am, right on schedule.

We had appointments in Avignon the following day. After our hair-raising drive in, the plan was to leave early and get the precipitous hairpins of the Gorges du Verdon out of the way before it got too busy, but once again, the gods had conspired against us. Continue reading “A Week in Provence – Verdon to Avignon: We Plan, The Gods Laugh…”

Lockdown Life – Who Stole My Morning Routine?

Our quiet, relaxing morning walks around the village have taken on a different atmosphere…

Prior to joining Mark on 4am starts, I loved to begin my working day in bed with a cup of tea and a book. It felt like a stolen moment; half an hour of ‘me’ time to collect myself before I had to face the daily scramble of dashing around the country to earn a living, variously selling blood banks, laser particle counters and high performance liquid chromatography systems.

Since we gave up work, morning is one of our favourite times. Having left behind the world of targets, deadlines and stress, it feels so luxurious to wake up naturally and ease ourselves into the day without rushing.

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