Krujë – We Meet the Dragon of Albania in the City Beyond the Sky

As we wound up hairpins to Krujë, Mark said, “I wasn’t expecting it to be like this!” It could be his catch phrase, although I am not sure how he thought Krujë, a town whose handle is ‘The City Beyond the Sky’ would not be uphill. Still, it meant we didn’t need to worry aboutContinue reading “Krujë – We Meet the Dragon of Albania in the City Beyond the Sky”

Llogar Pass to Apollonia, Albania

Apollonia, in southern Albania, is where Octavian received news of his great uncle, Julius Caesar’s murder. A student at Europe’s first university, Apollonia’s School of Philosophy, Octavian left immediately for Rome.

‘The Best Coastal Drive in the World’: Ksamil Beach & The Llogar Pass, Albania

“We can’t go to Mongolia if you can’t cope with this.” Mark’s words stung like a whip. I felt desolate. On a strip of yellow dirt, in a 16-tonne truck, with nowhere to turn around, we were lost somewhere in southern Albania.

Film: Full-Time Off-Grid Travel in a Converted Volvo N10 Truck Camper

Here is a fabulous short film created by Sophie and Ryan of Liveration about our lifestyle in The Beast, a self-converted Volvo N10 truck, which has been our home since July 2021.