Magical Matera: Italy’s 9,000-Year-Old Cave City

Sometimes, a place you visit really gets into your heart. That happened to me in Hawai’i. There, they call it ‘aloha’.

What Happens When Your Pet is Too Hot or Too Cold

Weather can be unpredictable: Even with modern technology, forecasters are still making the wrong predictions for the weather — and that can be a real issue when you’re traveling with dogs. Even the most diligent owners can accidentally put their pets’ health and lives at risk if they suddenly encounter unexpectedly cold or hot temperaturesContinue reading “What Happens When Your Pet is Too Hot or Too Cold”

Paestum, Italy – Sun, Sea & A City from 500 BC

As ever, it was a long and winding road to Paestum – a beach resort with the added charm of a Greek city and three Doric temples, dating back to 500 BC.

Pup Pompeii – The Closest You Can Get To Time Travel

Everything aches! I couldn’t sleep because my back, hips, and feet were killing. That’s two days of sightseeing for you – Up Vesuvius and Up Pompeii! For those of you who remember Frankie Howerd and the 1970s comedy Up Pompeii, Pup Pompeii is my worst pun yet. Just think yourselves lucky that there wasn’t aContinue reading “Pup Pompeii – The Closest You Can Get To Time Travel”