Pup Pompeii – The Closest You Can Get To Time Travel

Everything aches! I couldn’t sleep because my back, hips, and feet were killing. That’s two days of sightseeing for you – Up Vesuvius and Up Pompeii! For those of you who remember Frankie Howerd and the 1970s comedy Up Pompeii, Pup Pompeii is my worst pun yet. Just think yourselves lucky that there wasn’t aContinue reading “Pup Pompeii – The Closest You Can Get To Time Travel”

Mobster Moggies & The Origin of Pizza, Gaeta, Italy

Since we were approaching the Phlegraean fields – the second largest volcano in the world, which lurks just west of Naples – I was not surprised when we experienced a major eruption. What was unusual was the location of the epicentre; a truck in a campsite in Gaeta, a small seaside resort to the north.

The Necropoli della Banditaccia, Cerverteri & Ceri, Italy

In my previous post, we discovered that the Etruscans became the Romans, but where did they come from? I’m not talking storks or cabbage patches here. I mean where in the world did they come from?