Trucking Good T-Shirts – To Reflect Overland Travel & Dogs!

I am so thrilled to announce the launch of World Wide Walkies’ very own merchandise shop, powered by Spreadshirt/Spreadshop. The products are available just in time for us being on display at the spring edition of the Adventure Overland Show at the UK’s Stratford-Upon-Avon Racecourse. Even better, there is Free Standard Delivery from 12th –Continue reading “Trucking Good T-Shirts – To Reflect Overland Travel & Dogs!”

The Road to Gjirokastra, Albania

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when it’s 39°C, a man in possession of a chemical toilet that hasn’t been emptied for a week is in need of a black water disposal point.

Fier, Albania, A Lakeside Layover

“We need to stop talking about it, for Kai’s sake.” Mark and I were still trying to rationalise the incident. How Kai got out of the truck. How a small pup, normally fearful of other dogs, got close enough to a wild canine behemoth to be bitten and shaken to within seconds of death. ThenContinue reading “Fier, Albania, A Lakeside Layover”

Berat, Albania – A Tale of Two Brothers & A Stroll Through ‘The City of 1000 Windows’

In central Albania, nestled between mountains with the Osum river running through its historic centre, Berat is justifiably seen as one of the country’s most beautiful towns. It is UNESCO listed, and the legend of its founding is a Tale of Two Brothers, Tomorr and Shpirag, who might have been giants, and were inseparable –Continue reading “Berat, Albania – A Tale of Two Brothers & A Stroll Through ‘The City of 1000 Windows’”