Nothing says ‘I Love You!” like a last-minute purchase of screenwash & a Jumbo sponge from the 24-hour garage…

I love giving gifts and like our travels, the more unique and imaginative, the better. The greater the pleasure of the press-ee (the receiver of a gift) the better the pressie in my book!

Here at World Wide Walkies, I would like to share with you some ideas for Cool Caravan Cadeaux and Pawsome Presents for every member of the Fur Family – including the Fur Mamas and Papas!

We also aim for a stress-free life. I have found that being organised and finding presents over the year can take the ‘Oh Christ!” out of Christmas both by spreading the cost and avoiding those last-minute panic purchases!

You should plenty of gift inspiration on this page, so please remember; “A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas.”™ – Please Don’t Give Pups as Pressies!

1. Caravan Gift Ideas

  1. Our Books! if you know anyone who is interested in dogs, caravans, travel or giving up work to tour full-time, these books are definitely for them!
  2. 32 Gifts for the Caravanner In Your Life
  3. 15 Best Travel Gifts That Are Also Kind To The Planetfrom biodegradable flip flops to solid shampoo, these gifts will also save space and weight as well as the planet. 
  4. 45 Gifts Under $100 For The Traveller In Your Lifesome awesome ideas from the Wannabe World Travellers. I definitely want that cork globe…
  5. Caravan Christmas List! – your caravan Christmas Alphabet!
  6. Five of the Best – Caravan Stocking Fillersa few few fine books and a cable tidy.
  7. Personalised Tow Hitch Cover – a cool cadeau for the caravan with BAGS of other ideas thrown in! 
  8. 23 Unique Gifts Perfect for the Traveller You KnowI particularly like the Leg Stash Wallet, the Scratch Off Map of the World and Number 11, a book by an author whom you might know…!

2. Pawsome Puppy Pressies!

  1. A Pawsome, Personalised Pressie for Dog Lovers custom clay figures of YOUR pup at a price you won’t believe…
  2. 21 Best Gifts for the Travelling Dog
  3. 10 Best Doggie Coats for Every Situationwe have wasted a FORTUNE on the wrong coats for The Fab Four! If you want to keep your pup warm, cool, dry, afloat, healthy or just have some fun – we made the mistakes so you don’t have to! 
  4. Royal Cats & Dogs Portraits – beautiful, bespoke portraits of your pets as famous Kings & Queens, ready in a week from as little as £53. 

3. For the Van In Your Life

  1. Jackyards Bespoke Seat Covers for your VW Transporter – A fantastic gift – or hard-working accessory! 

Please also see my Product Reviews page for further ideas that we have tried and tested! 

I have no connection with any of these suppliers and cannot be held responsible for third party products or websites. Please see my Disclaimer for details.


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