Nothing says ‘I Love You!” like a last-minute purchase of screenwash & a Jumbo sponge from the 24-hour garage…

I love giving gifts and like our travels, the more unique and imaginative, the better. The greater the pleasure of the press-ee (the receiver of a gift) the better the pressie in my book!

Here at World Wide Walkies, I would like to share with you some ideas for Cool Caravan Cadeaux and Pawsome Presents for every member of the Fur Family – including the Fur Mamas and Papas!

We also aim for a stress-free life. I have found that being organised and finding presents over the year can take the ‘Oh Christ!” out of Christmas both by spreading the cost and avoiding those last-minute panic purchases!

You should plenty of gift inspiration on this page, so please remember; “A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas.”™ – Please Don’t Give Pups as Pressies!

Caravan Gift Ideas

  1. Personalised Tow Hitch Cover – a cool cadeau for the caravan with BAGS of other ideas thrown in! 
  2. Caravan Christmas List! – your caravan Christmas Alphabet!


Pawsome Puppy Pressies!

  1. Royal Cats & Dogs Portraits – beautiful, bespoke portraits of your pets as Kings & Queens, ready in a week from as little as £53 – less a discount code if you’re quick!  


Please also see my Product Reviews page for further ideas that we have tried and tested! 

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