32 Gifts for the Caravanner In Your Life – UPDATED FOR 2022


1. Caravan Clothing

Our Favourite Caravan T-Shirts


This is our favourite Christmas T Shirt!

It is available in 6 different background colours, in sizes from S to 5XL.

If you want something warmer for winter, the same design can be printed on a Hoody, Pullover or Long-Sleeved T.

Click here to find it on the Teespring website.

life-039-s-a-pitch-funny-camping-caravan (2).jpg

Caravan Hats!

Lighted beanie.jpg

Lighted Beanie! Stylish AND practical, this fabulous Beanie cap with a built-in, Ultra-Bright, 4 LED, USB re-chargeable, Waterproof lamp comes in 16 different colours.

If you want something a little less serious, how about these Flashing LED Christmas Bobble Hats for all the family?!

2. Gifts for you Caravan

Personalised Tow Hitch Covers

Caravan Kismet proudly sports one of these with The Fab Four on there in all their glory! For further details and how to order, see Personalised Tow Hitch Cover – A Cool Cadeau for the Caravan!

Caravan doormat
Caravan Indoor Doormat

3. Happy Holiday Gifts

4. Useful Driving Gifts

European Travel Kit

  • AA Euro Travel Kit – if you are thinking of going to Europe on your next adventure, the AA Euro Travel Kit will ensure that you have most of what you need to carry in your car to comply with the law in most countries. If you buy this kit, the AA also offers a discount on Euro Breakdown Cover. The extras that you might need are as follows;
    • Extra Warning Triangle and Hi Vis Jacket – some countries, such as Spain, Cyprus, Estonia and Bosnia require that you carry two warning triangles.
    • Family Pack Hi Vis Jackets – you must carry one reflective jacket for each passenger in the cab of your vehicle.
    • Breathalyser – France has done away with fines, but carrying an in-date breathalyser is compulsory. Breathalysers usually last only 12 months.
    • Fire Extinguisher – a fire extinguisher is not a legal requirement to drive in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and other Central European countries, but carrying one is recommended. In most Nordic, Eastern European, Baltic and Soviet countries, it is required by law.

Caravan Specific Satnav

Tomtom_Go_Camper (2).jpgThis is one of the last things that I would leave behind, especially for European touring. We have used the Tom Tom GO Camper all over Europe for the last year and have been very happy with it. To read my review, click here. However, the two Garmin satnavs also came out very well in reviews, so there is little to choose between the two. If you prefer a slightly larger screen, one of the Garmin models is probably the way to go.

5. The Compact Kitchen

  1. Joseph and Joseph Chopping Board Nest I never leave home without my set of non-slip, colour-coded chopping boards, which prevent cross-contamination of different food types.
  2. Joseph Joseph Nest Utensils – I love good design and this 5-piece set is light and extremely compact, because it nests into itself. The price of the multi-coloured set compares well to the flash, black set, although I like the fact it’s magnetic!
  3. Twist Whisk Folding Balloon Whisk – I have recently come around to the merits of a balloon whisk, although it is a bulky item to shoved= in anybody’s drawers. Not this one – twist the handle and it folds flat! I have also found this useful for removing snow balls from a dog’s fur!
  4. Pan and Pot Protectors – if you have been following us for some time, you might know that we are Upper Class Trailer Trash. In Caravan Kismet, we dine from Wedgewood china (because we broke everything else!) These protectors are ideal to protect crockery and non-stick pans in transit.
  5. 8 in 1 Bottle Kitchen Tool – incorporating a funnel, measuring cup, citrus squeezer, egg masher, spice grater, egg separator, cheese grater and opener, you will be hard pushed to find a more compact kitchen gadget.  

6. Or how about a Happy Camper Apron – for the Barbecuties among you!

Happy_Camper_Apron (2).jpg

Tow Ho Ho! 

For further gift inspiration, please see my Gift section, where you will find my Caravan Christmas List, Five of the Best – Caravan Stocking Fillers and 15 Best Travel Gifts That Are Also Kind To The Planet – along with lots of Pawsome Puppy Presents!

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