Five of the Best – Caravan Stocking Fillers

1. 50 Days in Europe; Two People – One Caravan – No Plan

A fine tale of a grand tour – and packed with tips.

Based on their excellent blog In Pursuit of a Dream – Our Caravan Adventures, Deb and Steve Ludford took off on a trip of a lifetime around Europe to celebrate their 50th Birthdays.

The book features a comprehensive review of each campsite at which they stayed and contains many useful tips.

It will be particularly helpful to anyone thinking of embarking on their first caravan or motorhome trip to The Continent. Click here to order either the eBook or paperback on Amazon.

2. Caravan Journal – Carol Kaczor

The perfect way to keep a log of your caravan travels.

Like most caravanners, Carol kept a log of her adventures so that she could look back on the happy memories with her family and pets. The only option seemed to be plain, white notebooks, but Carol hankered after something more fun; something that would really encourage her to put pen to paper. Unable to find anything that fitted the bill, she took matters into her own hands and designed her own, perfect Caravan Journal!

A5 in size, the journal is nice and compact for storage in your caravan and has a wipe-clean cover to keep its good looks. It has 72 pages on which to record your travels and adventures. Every sixth page depicts a colourful, fun image and the inside of the back cover features a large map of the British Isles so that you can pinpoint destinations, campsites and places that you have visited. The journal can be ordered on Amazon by clicking here

3. Marie Potter and the Campervan of Doom

The funniest book that I have read this year – me!

If you want a ripping good read, then this is it. I found the turns of phrase hilariously funny – as well as the predicaments in which Gemima the Hymer landed her unfortunate owners…

I particularly enjoyed reading about destinations such as Scandinavia, to which we plan to take Kismet and Big Blue at some point – Brexit permitting!

As a fanatical grammarian, I did find some of the mishtaykes a little distracting but can forgive this since it was such a great read.

4. BAGSMART – Large Travel Electronic Accessories Cable Organiser

“One of the best things that I have ever bought!” – Mark Lambert

We are so chuffed with this! We used to store all our cables in a Tupperware. They were always intertwined like so much spaghetti and we could never find the one that we wanted.

Until manufacturers come up with the universal connector and charger, this is a very neat and portable storage solution for all your cables, hard drives and a 9.7″ iPad. An extra large version is available to accommodate a 10.5″ iPad. Click here for large and here for extra large.

5. Year 1 Fur Babies in France – From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream

“Laugh out loud funny and a great travel guide.”

Jacqueline_Lambert_Book_Adventure_Caravanning_with_Dogs - Reduced

C’mon, I have to do some self-promotion! And I promise that my five star reviews are genuine – I honestly do not know who wrote them. ‘Fur Babies’ has been selling well since it was published on 4th December. I was even featured in the Lancashire Telegraph, the newspaper which covers my home town.

If you know anyone who is interested in dogs, travel, caravans or giving it all up to live the dream, this is the perfect gift for them. Please help me by spreading the word! Click here for the eBook and here for the paperback.

I hope that this gives you some great last-minute caravan gift ideas! Check out my Gift Guide for further interesting ideas for the caravanners and canines in your life.

Have a Cool Yule and Tow Ho Ho!

Please note that this blog contains Affiliate Links with Amazon. If you click through on these links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. This does not affect your purchase or the price that you pay in any way, although if you would prefer that Amazon kept all the profit, you can always bypass the link and go direct! 

I have no connection with any manufacturer, receive no freebies or monetary compensation and base any recommendations on my own research.  

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