Royal Cats & Dogs Portraits – Pawsome Pressie Ideas!

I love giving presents – the more thoughtful and unique the pressie, the greater my pleasure.

Such things take time. I’m not going to start scare-mongering about it being only two months until Christmas. I certainly won’t be singing carols or decorating the tree, but I do plan to help you with some benefactions for your besties – gift inspiration for both your canine and caravan companions!

I will suggest presents that say “I LOVE YOU” in a way that a tin of Chappie or a box-set of screenwash and a Jumbo Sponge panic-bought at a garage, late on Christmas Eve, can never convey!

First up is Royal Cats and Dogs Portraits and their beautiful, bespoke pet portraits at a surprisingly reasonable price – and with additional discount if you’re quick!

  • Prices
    • from £53.00 for art paper print
    • classic & Royal canvas prints from £69.95
    • 5% DISCOUNT CODE GDG01 – off the prices quoted above, valid until 15th November 2018
  • How Long will it Take? – Your portrait will be ready in 1 week
A bespoke portrait of a beloved pet can make a most beautiful gift.

A bespoke portrait of a beloved pet can make a most beautiful gift. Claire and Tony, the UK-based artists behind Royal Cats and Dogs will be happy to oblige in this regard.

However, I really LOVE their funky and unusual portrayals of pets as classic portraits of Kings and Queens! (They can also do Andy Warhol-style pop art portraits if you prefer.)

What could be more regal than a Corgi?!

So, if you want to grace your walls with Royalty, or think that a REAL King Charles as King Charlie, a Rosie Regina or your Harley as a Holbein Henry VIII might delight the ones you love, this is the place to come!

The portraits are hand-drawn in beautiful detail and mounted on a canvas. They can be personalised with the pet(s) name(s) as an additional, thoughtful touch.

A Shaggy Sherlock!

To order, all you need to do is upload a couple of high-resolution photographs (1MB or more) of the pet(s) looking directly at the camera – preferably taken without a flash. A photograph from a mobile phone is usually of good enough quality. There is a helpful photo guide on the website.

Once the photos are uploaded on the Royal Cats and Dogs website, it will take about a week for the portrait to be ready. You will be able to see and approve a proof of your portrait before it is finalised.


All sizes of canvas are available on request and portraits start at £53.00 for a fine art print on paper and £69.95 for a gallery wrap canvas. Gift vouchers are available – or why not club together with a few others to buy a really special present?!

The reviews are outstanding. Besides being a pleasure to deal with, many recipients were moved to tears by the wonderful likeness in their pictures and how well the portraits captured their pets’ personalities.

DSCN1593 Kai toga. When in Romania
Kai says “When in Rome…” We had to remind him that he was actually in Romania…

So Mark, if you’re reading this… Kai the King wants you to know that he really doesn’t have delusions of grandeur.  However, if you’re stuck for ideas for his Christmas present this year…

Cavalier Kings!

Please note that as ever, I have no connection with Royal Cats and Dogs and receive no financial incentive to write this. I just love what they do and think that it is worth sharing.

I hope you think so too! 

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