A Pawsome Personalised Pressie for Dog Lovers

The Fab Four immortalised as clay miniatures!

I am absolutely thrilled with my clay miniatures of The Fab Four from Karen’s Clay Creations!

The likenesses are wonderful and at £10 each, plus postage, I thought they were excellent value. But order early for Christmas – there is approximately a four week lead time.

My muddy models!

To order, Karen says,

“I just need a photo of each dog you’d like making. The photos can be in any position, as I can still make the model of them sitting.

“If any have markings on the back, for example springer spaniels, then a photo showing the markings would be great.

I was delighted with the detail of Kai & Rosies markings.

“I can make them inside a Christmas bauble too, which is very popular.

“Payment is either PayPal or bank transfer, whichever you’d prefer, and the process takes around 4 weeks after payment is received.”

I sent over several pictures, showing markings, typical facial expressions and personality of each dog.

I ordered two sets – one for myself and one for the pups’ favourite auntie, Ant Kath. I am so excited that I am not sure I will be able to keep the secret and not give them to her until Christmas!

My twin set – Karen sent me this picture before they were glazed to make sure that I was happy with the end result.

To see more of her work with different breeds, pop over to Karen’s Clay Creations.

Lani recognised herself!

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Please note that I believe in supporting small, local businesses. I receive no financial compensation for this post and have no connection with Karen’s Clay Creations other than as a very satisfied customer!

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