Living Large By Living Small – Why I Chose An Alternative Lifestyle

I’ve been featured in a magazine in Pittsburgh by a journalist I met in Sarajevo. Click on the link below to read the article about our alternative lifestyle, featured in @postindustrial: Living Large By Living Small After losing their jobs, a couple converts an Army truck and hits the road The journalist, Carmen Gentile, wroteContinue reading “Living Large By Living Small – Why I Chose An Alternative Lifestyle”

Author Interview: Jacqueline Lambert

“If you enjoy travel memoirs with plenty of information, doggy fun, some truly dreadful puns, and a touch of political commentary, Jackie’s series, Adventure Caravanning with Dogs, is just what you’re looking for.” Lisa Rose Wright, Author “Truly dreadful puns”? Honestly, I have never been so proud! I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Lisa, authorContinue reading “Author Interview: Jacqueline Lambert”

Can You Visit Malta In The Winter Time?

Thoughts of Malta usually conjure up images of lying on the beach soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the warm, clear waters. So what’s there to do when it’s not hot enough to swim? Well actually, this little island has so much more to offer than just the beach, making it the perfect holiday destinationContinue reading “Can You Visit Malta In The Winter Time?”

Discovering The Dogs of Ancient Rome

I was thrilled to be asked for a guest post on the wonderful website Learning From Dogs. Following the research I did following our trip to Pompeii, I was fascinated to find out the part dogs played in Roman society, and the impact they had on breeds we would recognise today. As such, I thoughtContinue reading “Discovering The Dogs of Ancient Rome”