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10 Best Doggie Coats for Every Situation

Best_dog_coat_equafleece (6).JPG
The Fab Four model their Equafleeces at Coumarial in the Italian Alps

We have wasted a fortune buying the wrong doggie coats!

In the first of my December gift guides, I am going to preview 10 of the best doggie coats. A number of these are The Fab Four’s favourites and I can heartily recommend them, since they have been very well tried and tested on our travels.

This selection will keep your fur family snug, cool, clean, dry, afloat, healthy – and I have added a couple just for fun!

Prices are correct at the time of writing. 

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The Fur-Friendly Ferry to France

Our Pet-Friendly Cabin

We Try Brittany Ferries’ New VIP (Very Important Puppy) Service

From Bournemouth, it was always a long diversion, but it meant that we the dogs could stay with us during the crossing. However, our relationship with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle ended abruptly with a 4,500% price hike. Continue reading “The Fur-Friendly Ferry to France”

Travelling with Four Dogs – Our Interview with Boogie the Pug

Marcelo, Boogie and mum, Candy

One of the great joys of travelling – and blogging – has been the connections that we have made with so many like-minded souls across the world.

We were delighted to have be interviewed by Boogie the Pug, a fellow canine traveller from Over the Pond, about The Fab Four’s exploits in Europe.

If you want to know what inspired us, what essentials we pack and our best advice on travelling with dogs, check out the full interview here.

And if you’re interested in;

  • Travel tips for you and your dog.
  • Interviews with other people who travel with their pets.
  • A breakdown of costs to help you budget for your trip.
  • Detailed airline fees and rules.
  • Information on pet friendly restaurants, accommodations, and destinations.
  • Country policies for traveling internationally.

You will find it all on Boogie the Pug!



Brexit Blues – How Brexit Will Affect European Travel

When travelling, you never run out of things that can go wrong!

If there is one thing that we have learned in three years on the road, it is that you never run out of things that can go wrong!

We should have been making our way through France towards Spain and Portugal, but we had tenant trouble. And then there is Brexit…

In my previous blog, I looked at the impact of Brexit on travelling with pets. This time,  I look at how Brexit will impact European travel for all British Nationals. Continue reading “Brexit Blues – How Brexit Will Affect European Travel”

Pet Travel After Brexit

This may not be so easy post-Brexit

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” – Woody Allen

We were supposed to be on a ferry bound for Spain and Portugal this week, but He must have found out. Three days before they were due to move in, our prospective tenants let us down. Two days later, a second set of tenants gave notice. And then last Monday, we went to visit the vet…

If you intend to travel with your pet, you need to prepare several months in advance and, depending on how Britain leaves the EU, expect some additional pet travel costs and red tape. Continue reading “Pet Travel After Brexit”

Hot Dogs – 10 Tips for Keeping Canines Cool When It’s Hot

Record summer temperatures do not please everyone!

We all know that dogs die in hot cars. This is because dogs are not great at regulating their body temperature and can be overcome by heat frighteningly quickly. Permanent organ damage or even death can happen in a matter of minutes.

If we travel to hot climates or as the summer temperatures soar to record highs, even in Britain, how can we make sure that our Furry Friends stay comfortable and safe? Continue reading “Hot Dogs – 10 Tips for Keeping Canines Cool When It’s Hot”