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Hot Dogs – 10 Tips for Keeping Canines Cool When It’s Hot

Record summer temperatures do not please everyone!

We all know that dogs die in hot cars. This is because dogs are not great at regulating their body temperature and can be overcome by heat frighteningly quickly. Permanent organ damage or even death can happen in a matter of minutes.

If we travel to hot climates or as the summer temperatures soar to record highs, even in Britain, how can we make sure that our Furry Friends stay comfortable and safe? Continue reading “Hot Dogs – 10 Tips for Keeping Canines Cool When It’s Hot”

Winter Walkies in Monte Rosa

There are plenty of well-marked & pisted tracks for Nordic skiers & snow-shoers which are ideal for walking pooches. (Photo by kind permission of Graham Smith.)

Monte Rosa prides itself on being Dog Friendly. That said, we could find NO information whatsoever on how and where to walk dogs before we arrived in the ski area. Of course, once we arrived, we sussed it out ourselves and it was actually very straightforward!

Here are my Top Tips on winter walking. Route information is obviously specific to the Gressoney Valley, although the more general tips will apply in other ski resorts. Continue reading “Winter Walkies in Monte Rosa”

Driving with Dogs; 10 Tips for Happy Hounds


Our Continental Cavapoos are pretty seasoned travellers these days. We’ve had Fur Babies in France, Pups on Piste and Barked around Bohemia. One day last year, they traversed Austria, Italy and Slovenia in a single day!

In our chosen lifestyle, the journey is as much part of the experience as the arrival. We are, after all, on a road trip. But a vital ingredient to all happy travels is making sure that everyone’s experience is comfortable, safe and stress free.

Here are 10 essential tips that will help you to make sure that your adventures with your canine companions are safe, legal and enjoyable. Continue reading “Driving with Dogs; 10 Tips for Happy Hounds”

Killer Caterpillars, Gunmen & ‘Chien Interdit!’ – 10 Things you Need to Know About Taking your Dog to France!

french-restaurant-2506490_640 (2).jpg
Are dogs welcome in France?

France is a beautiful, friendly country with plenty of walking, however there are a few things of which you need to be aware if you are planning to take your dog there.

Killer caterpillars, madmen with guns and a few fierce locals are just a couple of the hazards worth considering before you let loose your Fur Baby in France! Continue reading “Killer Caterpillars, Gunmen & ‘Chien Interdit!’ – 10 Things you Need to Know About Taking your Dog to France!”