Author Interview: Jacqueline Lambert

“If you enjoy travel memoirs with plenty of information, doggy fun, some truly dreadful puns, and a touch of political commentary, Jackie’s series, Adventure Caravanning with Dogs, is just what you’re looking for.” Lisa Rose Wright, Author “Truly dreadful puns”? Honestly, I have never been so proud! I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Lisa, authorContinue reading “Author Interview: Jacqueline Lambert”

What Happens When Your Pet is Too Hot or Too Cold

Weather can be unpredictable: Even with modern technology, forecasters are still making the wrong predictions for the weather — and that can be a real issue when you’re traveling with dogs. Even the most diligent owners can accidentally put their pets’ health and lives at risk if they suddenly encounter unexpectedly cold or hot temperaturesContinue reading “What Happens When Your Pet is Too Hot or Too Cold”

Animal Charities & Volunteering in Albania

There are a lot of dogs in need in Albania. We spoke to a French EU representative in Albania who said that sadly, there is still much corruption in Albania, and the funds for neutering and care of strays does not always reach the intended destination. If you give direct to these charities listed below,Continue reading “Animal Charities & Volunteering in Albania”

Travel With Dogs to Albania – What You Need To Know

I would be fibbing if I didn’t say there are easier places to travel to with dogs. However, Albania is a stunning country, full of very kind people, and is definitely worth seeing – particularly now, before it becomes over-developed for tourism. Albania is inexpensive and easily accessible from Italy, Greece and other Balkan countries.Continue reading “Travel With Dogs to Albania – What You Need To Know”