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Bolków & Złotoryja, Medieval Castles & The Oldest Town in Poland

Bolków castle, from Camping Pod Lasem

“They will be fine!”

The man’s claim was the embodiment of my worst fears. Vans and caravans have specialist tyres. My primary worry about getting them changed abroad was that we would end up with the wrong ones – and this chap’s offering could not be more wrong.

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Sommerach to Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

“Where are we?!” “I dunno, but if we look hard enough, there must be a clue somewhere.”

I laughed out loud as we got caught behind the slowest tractor ever, which crawled up the hill out of Sommerach at a speed so leisurely that it failed to register on our speedometer.

Besides every plan going horribly awry, a further feature of this year’s tour has been a plenitude of Farmer Palmers. They seem to lie in wait, then shoot out from their side roads the minute they see us coming with the caravan.

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“I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Cluny” – The City of the Horse, Bourgogne, France

Cluny Abbey

Since the caravan brakes didn’t fail and we’ve already used up the stress-making options of a Kamikaze Lorry and towing a caravan through the Mistral, Mark tried to add a different layer of excitement to our departure. As he loaded the bikes on to the van, he tried to amputate the end of his finger on my spokes.

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A Week in Provence – Moustiers-Sainte-Marie & SUP in the Gorges du Verdon

Moustiers-Sainte-Marie; the Notre Dame chapel is above the village, beneath the rock spire

The Gorges du Verdon is the most wonderful part of France that you’ve never heard of.

At least Mark and I hadn’t. I can’t understand why; what, with it being the world’s second largest canyon next to the Grand Canyon. Mark has seen the Grand Canyon, so could offer a comparison,

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