Gjirokastra, Albania: A City With Two Tales

Thus, quick Argjiro,Ran with her baby girl,Swung like a bird in the windFrom the fortress to the abyss, Rock on rock thus broken,She fell like a star,but was not extinguished Ismail Kadare – excerpt from his poem, She Fell Like A Star, But Was Not Extinguished Gjirokastra’s skyline is dominated by its enormous castle, alsoContinue reading “Gjirokastra, Albania: A City With Two Tales”

Caravanning With Dogs & Living In A Truck – Brainwave Podcast with Travel Book Writer Jacqueline Lambert

Here is my interview with fellow traveller, author, and radio presenter, Gail Hulnick, for her Brainwave podcast. Have a listen to find out about my seven years as a full-time nomad, the Fab Four, our pawsome Poodeliers, my Adventure Caravanning With Dogs books, and what I really miss while living in a truck. Click HEREContinue reading “Caravanning With Dogs & Living In A Truck – Brainwave Podcast with Travel Book Writer Jacqueline Lambert”

World Wide Walkies – The Story So Far!

I took a blogging break at the end of last year to launch and market my latest book, To Hel In A Hound Cart – Journey To The Centre Of Europe. This was the fifth and last book in the Adventure Caravanning With Dogs series, which follows our journey since we gave up work inContinue reading “World Wide Walkies – The Story So Far!”

Overlanding in Albania – Bari to Durrës

We weren’t sure what to expect in Albania. At the end of WWII, Albania became Europe’s equivalent to North Korea; a secretive, closed and isolationist country. Albania spent four decades under the iron grip of paranoid extremist ruler Enver Hoxha. As a communist state, Hoxha aligned Albania first with Russia, then with China, but brokeContinue reading “Overlanding in Albania – Bari to Durrës”