Three Campsites & a Graveyard. The Sandal Saga in Slovenia!

“You can stay here if you want!” cackled the old woman, as she rearranged the flowers on the grave that she was tending. We had reached a dead end, quite literally, next to a cemetery in Slovenia. We had come from Verona and had been on the road for hours. We were looking for ourContinue reading “Three Campsites & a Graveyard. The Sandal Saga in Slovenia!”

“To Boldly Go Where No Van Has Gone Before!” Gran Paradiso – Italy

My day kicked off with four ten-second bursts of freezing cold water, full in the face.

From Wage Slaves to Living the Dream – Our First Book in Print!

We are delighted to announce that our first book is now available on Amazon, just  in time for Christmas!

Paradise Found! Camping La Chassagne, Auvergne, France

I tend to fill the kettle and leave it on the hob the night before. In the compact living space of the caravan, this means that all I need to do is lean out of bed to reach the knob to switch it on for my morning coffee! The occupants of the tent next doorContinue reading “Paradise Found! Camping La Chassagne, Auvergne, France”