Sinkhole.Tiles.Sorted – How To Get Stuck in a Go Anywhere Truck!

“You can take that anywhere!” As the crowds mobbed around our rig at the Adventure Overland Show in Stratford on Avon, the watchword was, “That’s definitely a ‘Go Anywhere’ truck!” With four-wheel drive, the ability to climb slopes up to sixty-degrees, and anecdotal assurance that, “You could drive that on the moon!” we had absoluteContinue reading “Sinkhole.Tiles.Sorted – How To Get Stuck in a Go Anywhere Truck!”

Strife at Shooting Box – Shropshire, UK

“F****** hell Mark!” was a fair summation of my thoughts as my husband shoved a crumpled Ordnance Survey map onto my lap. As he stabbed his finger at his intended destination, just prior to performing a U-turn with our lorry, I might even have exclaimed this out loud, and with some volume. I followed upContinue reading “Strife at Shooting Box – Shropshire, UK”

The Magic of Morvan; Jargeau to Vézelay, Bourgogne, France

“You’re a sweetie. You’re my gorgeous girl. I love you soooo much!” crooned Mark.  “What would you like me to do?” the satnav’s harsh, electronic monotone scythed across the tender moment. “Shut up. I’m talking to Lani!”  Strangely, that was the last that we heard from the satnav’s unpredictable voice-activation. As a result, we missedContinue reading “The Magic of Morvan; Jargeau to Vézelay, Bourgogne, France”