Film: Full-Time Off-Grid Travel in a Converted Volvo N10 Truck Camper

Here is a fabulous short film created by Sophie and Ryan of Liveration about our lifestyle in The Beast, a self-converted Volvo N10 truck, which has been our home since July 2021.

Click the Play button to watch the film on YouTube

Believe it or not, Ryan & Sophie are twins. They set up the cleverly-named YouTube channel, ‘Liveration‘, to explore the lives of people who live alternatively, including all things Van Life, Narrowboat, Off Grid, Tiny Home and much more.

Their short films are beautifully shot, and conducted in an interview/documentary style intended to provide an insight into their subject’s lives. 

They started their channel just a month ago, but their wonderful films have already attracted almost 10,000 subscribers and offers of sponsorship. Their first film about a bricklayer who lives in a tiny van has racked up more than half a million views.

Twins, Ryan & Sophie, who started the wonderful channel, Liveration about people living alternative lifestyles

I asked them what motivated them to set up their channel.

“There are a number of factors or motivations that have inspired us to make these films.

“We think after rejecting conventional routes of getting corporate jobs or similar things university, we both sought out more adventure, and wanted to see the world a little. This led to us both to spend a number of years living out of backpacks, travelling, and working around the world. It really opened our eyes to how other people live, and how we don’t have to take the route which society might deem ‘best’ for us. Instead, you can choose your own path…

“Our motives stem from interest, admiration, and a desire to show people that there are different ways to live and that choosing a life that somebody may want is actually achievable.

“Also we both had cameras and an interest in film and photography, and wanted to get creative with it!”

Mark and I binge watched all of Sophie and Ryan’s films. They are so captivating, I am not surprised the channel has been so successful. I can only say I am delighted that they did decide to get creative with their film and photography!

If you’re interested in alternative lifestyles, or just looking for some entertainment, the links below will take you to all of Sophie and Ryan’s films. To help them keep producing these films, please share if you know other who might be interested.

And to make sure you don’t miss their future episodes, which I GUARANTEE will be FABULOUS (because I know what’s coming up!) don’t forget to Subscribe to their Channel, @Liveration.

Join me next time on World Wide Walkies as we drive The Beast on one of the world’s most dangerous roads!

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Published by Jacqueline Lambert @WorldWideWalkies

AD (After Dogs) - We retired early to tour Europe in a caravan with four dogs. "To boldly go where no van has gone before". Since 2021, we've been at large in a 24.5-tonne self-converted ex-army truck called The Beast. BC (Before Canines) - we had adventures on every continent other than Antarctica!

17 thoughts on “Film: Full-Time Off-Grid Travel in a Converted Volvo N10 Truck Camper

  1. I love this YouTube documentary about you guys! It was fun going into The Beast as you explained everything so nicely. Oh yes, I also love the fairy lights 🙂. Well done to Liveration for a great video!

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